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  1. I’m so sorry for you loss! I too understand the effects of bullying. I was always a small person and very easy to pick on and they took advantage of it. I want to help but I’m not sure how to do that. I’ll do what I can. I wish you the best of luck in your goal I hope you achieve it and save so many lives and possibly all of them.

    Destiny Bell, CapeGirardeau,MO

  3. Kam – you are an angel on my shoulder – who continuously has me on my toes… I walked up the staircase of my school the other day and found a 13 year old boy who was left back in the 7th grade – sitting on the steps in tears. Right away you appeared and said lets talk to him. It took a bit of convincing to get this young man to open up – but her finally did. He told me that he was left back and was very upset. He said the worst was the harrassment he was enduring from the kids that were in his class that moved up to the next grade. He was so hurt, and I felt his sadness… I did convince him that things will be okay and took him to his gym teacher – whom he trusts, and then I spoke with his guidance counselor and assistant principal as reinforcements. Well, as far as I know – this young man is feeling better about himself and so far is hanging in there… Thanks for always being with me… Your work is being done each and every day…. love, oowee

    Sue Koon, Brooklyn,N.Y.
  4. My deepest condolences for your loss. Our son Steven was 13 years old when he ended his torment in 2006. Too many children are being lost. Thank you for working to end the culture of bullying!

    Mike Urry, Guelph,Ontario
  5. My deepest condolences to Kam’s family and friends. I wish you much success with the foundation’s mission-
    what a beautiful way to honor his memory.

    Kathy, UnitedStates
  6. I have no perfect, eloquent words but I do want to express my sympathy to everyone who loved Kameron, mostly his family. Seeing his pictures today brought me to tears. I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing him or the Jacobsons, but reading about Kameron reminds me of my own son who’s 14 and just started his freshman year at the same school. He had his own troubles in middle school and I don’t know where I would be today if he weren’t here with me. Kameron, you were so loved by your family and friends. It is my hope that you are watching out for all the other kids that feel broken inside because of the abuse of others who feel they need to bully to feel worth something. Mr. & Mrs. Jacobson and family, your strength and immeasurable love for your son warms my heart. Godspeed in your journey to save one more, and one more and one more.

    Nancy Jodice, BloomingGrove,NY
  7. I am so sorry for your loss and the pain you must feel. He was a beautiful boy. Godspeed to you and your family. I cry as I write this.

    Peg Borelli, TintonFalls,NJ
  8. Dear Jacobsen family,

    I don’t even know what to say to you as words of comfort on the loss of your lovely son, Kameron. As a mom, my heart aches for you. We love our children and would do anything in the world to protect them. Just know, you tried.
    I salute you in your effort to stamp out bullying. It’s a worldwide problem that gets exponentially bigger with each loss of life.
    I wish you much peace and happiness, and a message for Kameron, “Kindness Above Malice” will always rule!

    Stacey, Sweden
  9. I saw Kameron’s story on the news the other night. I’m a middle school teacher. Thank you for sharing your story. I promise you It will have an impact on 7th and 8th graders in my school. I hope you find comfort in knowing you’ve helped other children.

    Chris, Portland,OR
  10. today i found kameron’s sister’s tumblr and ive read everything that she posted about her brother… i wish i had someone like that. ive been bullied ever since i moved to VA. and i’ve been trying to change that and change the school system because in our county bullies only get suspended for maybe a week at a time. meanwhile the victim is being councilled by school councilers and nothing changes once the bullies come back. maybe you could come to my school and talk about Kameron’s story. maybe then people would listen. thank you so much for what youre doing. thank you ♥

    Clara Hartman, Warrenton,VA
  11. kameron today you were all i thought about. something bad happened last night but i know you were there and thats why everyone is okay. i love you and miss you so much. your family is doing everything in there power to make kindness above malice a big thing and there doing everything to make sure no one ever has to deal with what you did. its honeslty so unreal and i cant bleive youve been gone for over 8 months, i remember the last time i saw you like it was yesterday. i miss you and everything about you. watch over all of us , goodnight my angel <3

    kayla minchin, monroenewyork
  12. Making a bucket with pictures of you, the KAM organization, and the Out Of The Darkness walk logo. This is all to raise money for Team Kameron at the Out of the Darkness walk in October. This feels so unreal, but it’s all for you kid <3 i love & miss you so much kammy!

    Kristin Meislahn, Monroe,NY
  13. I am a school bus driver for one of the school districts and just want you to know there are people out here listening,I have a zero tolorence on my bus when it come to bullying and there are those of us out there trying to help stop this horrible act my thoughts and prayers go out to all who are being bullied or have lost someone because of this…God Bless!!!!

    gwendolyn gaskins, montereycalifornia
  14. Dear Jacobsen family, Please know that I cried when I read the story of Kam. The suicide of a teenager always breaks my Heart. A teen has a whole life ahead of them and I can only wish that at some time soon teachers, health care workers and espescially Friends will see that someone needs help and will talk to the child. Know that what you are doing will help many others in the same situation as Kam was in and maybe,just maybe they will seek help.All My Love to all of Kams family and friends…Rick

    Rick Docksteader, Ottawa,Canada
  15. I’m so sorry for your loss. I too am a victim of perpetual bullying, since I was in 5th grade I was bullied for my size, my looks, and my learning disabillities, among other things. I have always been small, weighing just 90 pounds my freshmen year, I’ve for many years been involved in wrestling and have been bullied for it. Now in my senior year I have realized that through faith in God, role models, great parents like yourself, and loving friends that it does get better. You just have to keep at it, bring out your unique qualities (I’m very goofy,) and eventually things will get better. I myself had been troubled before by the thoughts of committing suicide, thankfully I was stopped by family. As years have passed I have realized that 1. Suicide is a long term solution to a short term problem, its something that can’t be taken back, and will take you away from a future that can be so much brighter. 2. Suicide scars families and friends for the rest of their lives. It’s the ultimate slap in the face to those who love you. Although this may sound extreme I have realized its the truth, your death may be the conclusion to your short-term pain, but it creates a lifetime of pain for those who love you. I’m not saying that Kameron didn’t think of other people or wasn’t a good person, I am sure he was an excellent person, but he didn’t think rationally and about other people when he made that decision. I know what his family is going through as I as well have lost many loved one’s, including those who took their own lives, and once again I know what Kameron went through as my situation has and does parallel his. When ever I have had those type of thoughts after be bullied and demeaned I have thought of family and loved ones who I would sorely miss, and that would miss me the same, and how my action would scar them for the rest of their lives. There are always people who love you deeply, just look around and find them, look to them as well as God, who loves you more than anything, for guidance and help with your troubles, and things WILL get better. I pray that Kameron’s legacy will go on and touch the lives of those who are hurting and give them hope. I admire you for your attitude not just thinking of yourselves, but looking to other people in selflessness and compassion. I know Kameron is looking down on you from heaven, proud, loving, and smiling. God bless you. I know God has a special place for Kameron and youselves.

    With empathy and love,
    Jacob Knight

    Jacob Knight, Bellingham,WA
  16. My heart is with your family. I can’t imagine what you are going through and I pray for your peace of mind. Your son was just a regular kid trying to get through all the craziness. I firmly believe that the parents of these bullies need to learn to put their foot down. I don’t know why the kids run the show and the parents run scared. It’s called discipline! Again, I am so sorry and your son is going to leave a great legacy for this generation. The kids these days need to stop the bullying! No one is perfect. Everyone has issues. Stop and think about the consequences before you open your mouths… <3 to Kameron

    Christie, Crownsville,MD
  17. I have two baby sons, who I love more than life itself, and I read your posts and just cried – especially thinking about Kam’s mom. There’s nothing in this world more perfect than your children – even when they don’t know what angels they are, or how they’ve made you a better person, just by having come into this world. It’s not I that teaches my children – most of the time – it’s them who teaches me. I love everything about my boys, and I know that each hair on their head is more precious than the next. My goal, as a mother, is to raise boys to defend those who are bullied or who cannot defend themselves. I believe through service to others that we can achieve greatness. Thank you for inspiring others to be kind to each other. I truly believe that God has always and continues to envelop Kam in his love. My true condolences to you for your loss.

    Anna Ricciardi, UnitedStates
  18. I was so touched by Kams story. He reminds me so much of my own 13 year old boy…from looks to size to likes and dislikes….I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you , Kam and your family
    God Bless

    agnes, carpentersville,IL
  19. Oh my. Where do I start. What a beautiful smile Kameron had. I know he must make one heck of a handsome angel. I am so sorry for your loss. The story of Kameron’s torment has brought me to tears. I have a son. Not much younger than Kameron. The thought of the pain you must feel overwhelms me. I wish that we had the power to make these children STOP and think about what they say and how it affects people. Even more, I wish we had the poswer to make the parents of these young people teach their children better than to display this sort of behavior. It will certainly start when society starts holding them accountable. Kameron’s loss will be forever heavy in my heart. The worls should have never lost such a shining young soul.

    Rest in peace, Kameron. I can only live in the comfort that you are finally happy

    April, California
  20. Wherever you find the strength to turn this tragedy into action and helping to protect other kids from being victims, I pray to God that source of strength you have will always be with you! Kameron will always be loved by all of us who gets to know him through your work.

    Reese, Boston,MA
  21. My son just recently had a face to face account with a bully. I went to talk to the principal twice. My son said he had enough and no child should live in fear for going to school to learn. So he decided to take his message to the school board. He asked that if they say they have a zero tolerance when it comes to bullying that they actually mean what they say and make good on their promises. I was very proud of him. Especially when he finished his speech. He stated that action should be taken today so that the kids of today will still be here for tomorrow. He also asked that they take a stand and Stomp Out Bullying. I am truly sorry for your lost and I pray everyday that people will wake up and understand that we have a real problem on our hands and that something needs to be done now. God Bless you all!!

    Gigi Hicks, Texas
  22. Kam, I still think about you everyday, I miss you. To all the Jacobsens, you are so strong. You are my second family and I love you all. I’m proud of everything you are doing in Kam’s name. This foundation will change the world, no matter what it takes.

    Christie Rothstein,
  23. First of all, I’m very sorry for you loss!

    I also understand the victims of bullying because I was a victim as well. I’m from Costa Rica and since I was in primary school I knew the feeling of being a victim. It took me so many years to get my self-esteem back, it took me over 20 years!

    I work as an editor and one of our authors is writing a book right now about bullying. I hope we all can stop this terrible problem!! we all must teach the kids about respect & tolerance!

    Kameron, I would never forget your story!

    Ana Gremion, Heredia,CostaRica
  24. Dear Kameron,

    I had the pleasure of meeting your mom and dad today. They came to talk to the kids and faculty at my school. It was such an honor to get to know you through their eyes. You are now an angel among us, watching down protecting everyone. You will be the inspration in my heart to help all of those that need it. You have showed me the impact that tolerance can have and what a powerful tool it is. Thank you!

    Janine Garrison, Poughkeepsie,NY
  25. First of all I’m very sort for your loss Kameron looked like a great person. If I had been a mother who lost my child to bullying I don’t know how I would go on. You are a very strong person and I look up to you for that and I’m so glad you came to my school to talk to us it meant a lot. While I was watching the video of Kameron me and my friends almost starting crying. It goes to show how bullying can effect people’s lives. Kameron will be dearly missed.

    Madi, Marlboro,NY
  26. I am so sorry for your loss. As a mother myself I work against bullying in my childrens school. One of my sons experienced bullying to when he was only six years old. We ended up moving so he could get a fresh start in a new school, and so far everything is working out just fine.
    I salute your efforts to stop bullying and will myself never stop fighting it.

    Marianne, Sweden
  27. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Kam with us. Your story has made a huge impact on our little town of Marlboro. You have blessed all of our lives. We make a promise to you . We will do everything we are able to do to make a difference in every child’s life.We Love you Jacobsen family!

    The Marlboro PTA " Krew", MarlboroN.Y.
  28. I’m sorry for your lost. As a victim myself, I understand what Kam went through. I went through the same kind of “torture” when I was in middle school. I wasn’t skinny or small, I was pretty big and known to be a shy person around people. I never really talk in class, but I was a different person whenever I’m with my friends. I was bullied to the point that I need help from other classmates, counselors, teachers, assistant principals to the principal. All those people that I’ve talked to about my situation, no one really did an effort to stop the pain that I was going through. I was told to “forget about it” “let go” because they felt it wasn’t necessary for them to do anything (they felt that they couldn’t do anything). One of the counselors in my school did not even talk or look at me whenever I approached him. The assistant principle promised to help me by setting up a meeting with the people who was bullying me and to solve things out. She lied to me, no meeting was ever set up to help me. I was bullied in school and outside of school. I had no where to turn to except for staying at home, going to school late and resulted in my poor performance in school. My friends did not really want to associate with me because of what was going on. There were rumors made about me talking behind someone’s back and all sort of other things that I never did. The worst part is that the one that started the rumors and was part of the bullying issue was my ex-best friend and her best friend. Fortunately, I graduated, but the pain is still there inside of me. I suffered from emotional and psychological stress. From time to time, I feel as if I was still trapped into those days. The trauma that happened to me had made my life a little bit difficult. Because the fact that I was bullied, I have personal trust issues with friends and adults. As a adult now in my 20, I am still bothered by what happened to me in the pass. I feel like I’m missing out a lot as a teenager. I just wanted to be normal.
    It’s a good feeling to know that whenever I see those people who were involved in the bullying situation, look down or avoid looking at me when I see them in the streets. This girl who bullied me, I saw her in the street with her boyfriend. I stared at her the whole time from a distance. When she was walking toward my direction, she lowered down her head, avoid looking at me, and actually moved to the other side just to fully avoid me. As they were walking away, she looked back at me. I stared at her with anger. Karma exists.

    Kam, I know somewhere and sometimes karma will kick in to those who done you wrong. May you rest in peace. I wish an organization like this existed when I was being bullied back then. Bullying still exists and I hope because of you and this organization will help others to open their eyes and heart to accept and treat everyone with respect.

    anon. girl., NewYork
  29. We love you Kameron. It is a sad loss that you are gone. I send love and prayers out to your family. I will keep your voice, and the voices of others who took their lives form bullying, heard.

    Mariel Williams, OldLyme,Connecticut
  30. Kameron theres not oneday tht I can go through with out tginking and crying for u to come back.i remember the first day I meet u iwas sick and passedout in the hallway and u brought me to the nurses office and waited till my mom came she said u were a nice boy.another time wen we were at alyssa’s party and u saw me sitting there waiting for my brother and we were tlking and u gave me ur speacial ring and said save it and in the box it had a note and till this day I still have it in the box. me and austin cry together thinkg of u cause he knew u forever we will never forget such a great person like I love u so much and mamma and pappa jacobsen we love ur son and he wont be forgotten<3

    Siana, Monroeny
  31. I am sorry for your loss and inspired by your actions. This world is lost without people like you and your family. Please let me know if I can help you in anyway.

    Frank Shamrock, SanJoseCa
  32. I am sorry for your loss. I cried when I looked at the photos, I cry now.

    Rhonda, Montana
  33. So sorry for the loss of your beautiful son. The cruelty others believe is acceptable is incredibly disturbing. We know it generally comes from a place of insecurity on their part but is perfected by preying on another’s weakness. When kindness is viewed as a weakness, we are in serious trouble. No child should die as a result of another’s cruelty, jealousy or hatred. So many suffer at the hands of bullies. More need to stand up as your son did. And as you are doing. Peace.

    Sally O, Mass.
  34. Kameron i really miss you dude,i wish you were here,i miss you so much we were just becoming good friends and you impacted my life so much the last year, my birthday coming up im not evening looking forward to it, to tell you the truth my life is so hard right now, i wish you were here <3

  35. My heart aches for the loss this family has endured. My prayers are with you all….

    Catinna Morton-Collins, Arkansas
  36. im so sorry for ur loss of ur son and hubsand

    candice and bella,
  37. I just learned that kameron’s dad took his own life almost a year to the day he lost his precious son, I do truly believe that are both joined again in the kingdom of heaven with our holy father. Amen my prayers & thoughts with the family at this time… God Bless….

    karen f, monroeny
  38. So terribly moved by learning of Kameron’s story, it bears remarkable parallels with 15 year old Dominic Crouch of Cheltenham Gloucestershire in England . Dominic’s father and Mother have also worked tirelessly to ensure that the same thing should not happen again and set up Friends of Dominic Crouch Against Bullying on Facebook and worked with agencies in education and government to change things . A week after what would have been Dominics 17th birthday (in November 2011) his father Roger took his own life, leaving behind his wife and daughter. We have just learned of Kameron and now also Kevin, know that you have friends in the UK who are also working towards the same goals to ensure that our children are safe in schools and that the most pertinent subject of our time , bullying , is addressed and that the world must change to reflect what is happening in our schools, on our streets and indeed online.
    My heart goes out to the Jacobsen Family and their friends and supporters at this time. Know that we at Friends of Dominic Crouch Against Bullying share your grief and outrage and send you our LOVE , most sincerely .

    David Wainwright, PlymouthDevonUK
  39. Kam,
    I didn’t know you that well but I believe tomorrow is going to be a year:(
    I understand now you have a friend with you and may you both be the greatest guardian angels<3
    Thanks for teaching me to never give up.
    Much love to you<3

    anon, NewYork
  40. So sorry. I’m twelve, yes, but I am one of the few students in my school who understand the consequences of bullying. It’s painful and I am sorry you had to lose Kameron. Sounds like a good kid. Another friend that I wish I could’ve made. I always feel some regret, reading stories like Kam’s. A regret making me feel like I could’ve done something, but I never know what I could’ve done. Then I realize that there’s nothing I could’ve done for that person specifically. It’s what I need to, and will, do for those I know that I CAN help. I love all. I am not a religious kid, I’m an atheist, even. But I do have a heart and a soul and a conscience. I feel for you. I’ve loved and lost. I’ve missed and still do. I almost lost my brother. And I thank whoever runs this universe for not losing him everyday.
    Hold On, Pain Ends.
    Condolences to Kam's friends and family.

    Lily S, Illinois
  41. It’s heartbreaking to see another young life lost to the senseless cruelty of bullies. I am the same age as Kameron, and I suffer from clinical depression because of my bullies and even had to spend six days in the hospital because my parents found out about my plan to kill myself. It hurts to know that others have experienced the same pain. God will care for you and Kameron in these hard times. Kameron will be missed by so many. Take comfort in knowing that his story touched many people, including me. I have recently been particularly depressed but seeing Kameron’s story has inspired me. You have helped someone already, keep working to end bullying! Much love.

    Riley, Michigan
  42. So sorry for the Jacobsen family’s loss…one life lost is already enough and just shows that everybody needs to step up their effort to prevent this kind of tragedy from ever happening again.

    Adam L., NewYork,NY
  43. To my beautiful Grandson Kam,
    Hi little one, it’s your birthday and it is the 2nd one that you are away from us. You are always on our minds and in our hearts. All this time without you has been with so much pain, suffering and many many tears. Missing you everyday. This loneliness, sadness, suffering and pain of living without you can not even be described in words. We are just living day by day little by little.
    I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and know Daddy is with you. I love you , I miss you and I am here waiting for the day when we can all be together again. Give your Uncle Edgar and Dad a kiss for me.
    You are all forever in our hearts.
    We thought of you with love today,
    but that is nothing new.
    We thought of you yesterday
    and days before that too.
    We think of you in silence
    We speak your name with pride,
    and we relive our memories of living side by side.
    Your memory is our keepsake
    with which we’ll never part.
    God has you in his keeping
    We have you in our heart.

    Love you forever and ever, <3 Love never Dies <3

    Wanda Jacobsen, Monroe,NY
  44. KAM,

    Although I never got the chance to meet you, you have a wonderful warm hearted and generous family.i wish that there was a way to bring you back so that i could tell you that life does eventually get better. I used to get teased and made fun of growing up too. i know that it is a very hard situation to be in, but the thing i learned after becoming an adult is that the people that are bullying have personal problems that they dont know how to handle.Now I am in no way sticking up for those people, but it is important for people to know that their actions affect everyone around them. i hope that right now you are looking down on all those that are being bullied right now and guiding them, guiding them toward a future that will be brighter, letting them know that life does get better…… any way KAM my mom is up there with you now, in heaven. help keep her safe… with love heather

    Heather Wilson, brooklynny
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