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  1. I miss you buddy

  2. John 14:27
    “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

    I love you and miss you so much, Kam.

    Kiersten Jacobsen,
  3. Miss talking baseball and watching you text under the table. Miss your beautiful face and smile. Wishing you peace and happiness always and forever. Love you!

    Joan Jacobsen (Aunt Joan),
  4. I remember the life you lived and it always brings a silent tear..A piece of my heart went with you to heaven but I know you are at peace now .. Uncle Buddy and I talk of you everyday and will cherish the wonderful memories you gave us……

    carole dowd,
  5. I miss you Kam! And I’ll always cherish the memories of our wiffle ball games in LBI, watching you help your Dad cook, and hearing my girls laugh and scream as they chased you around the house. You were a great kid and I love you very much. I only wish I would’ve told you earlier.

    Tim Jacobsen, Haddonfield,NJ
  6. I’m writing this with tears in my eyes. You were a beautiful boy and loved so much by all of us. There is a hole in our family now that will never be filled and we can only imagine how much sweeter and precious the world would have been had you not left us so early.

    I will keep you in my heart forever, Kam.

    Aunt Ginny, Holmdel,NJ
  7. Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality.

    -Emily Dickinson

    Brooke Dowd Sacco,
  8. I miss everything about you. My favorite is everything. I know you are enjoying the very dream you had. “The colors and music in heaven mom are so indescribable I can’t say they are red, yellow or gold, they are amazing and the music how beautiful, can’t describe it. So beautiful.” God gave you that dream, because you are special. God say’s heaven the new Jerusalem Rev 21:11 “It shone with the glory of God, and its brilliance was like that of a very precious jewel, like a jasper, clear as crystal.” We can’t even fathom. Yet he gave you that wonderful dream to see it before hand. I know you are there with our precious Jesus. It’s not goodbye, it’s I’ll see ya later. Love you Kam, you took my heart with you.

  9. There isn’t a day that you are not in my thoughts. I remember most your shy smile and your loving, gentle nature. You were a precious gift to our family. I only wish we had you longer.

    Aunt Beth,
  10. Psalm 23:4

    Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

    This is for you Jacobsen Family. My prayers are for you each and everyday. I love you all. I miss you Kam.

    Christie Rothstein,
  11. You made me who I am today. What I will become, without you, scares me. Someday I’ll see you again, till then all I can do is wait. We will always be brothers, except now you have to watch over me.

    I love you.

    Kevin Jr., Monroe,NY
  12. Kameron you may be gone but you will never ever be forgotten. You touched way to many lives for that to ever happen. You are with God now I pray that he has given you peace. You are forever in my heart!

    Debbie Keyser, Harriman,NY
  13. Hey Kam,
    I just wanted to tell you that I love you, and always will. I know I have to start to move on in life without you here at my side, and accept everything that has happened, but I know you are there right behind me guiding and protecting me throughout the way, like a guardian angel because you’re not only a friend now you are my angel. You know I talk to you everyday about everything and you know all my secrets, I wish we could go back to the old times like sixth grade where we were the best of friends and even till this year where we use to joke around in earth science and lunch. I’ve cried a lot, but you have helped me wipe those tears off my eyes and make me stronger. You will always have a spot in my heart, and no one will replace it. I love you so much kam, i’ll tallk to you later. <3

    Amanda, "Napsack.",
  14. Hey Kam, i just wanted to say i miss you and love you kid! You have changed my life so much,and just knowing that your not here is really hard to deal with.I miss seeing you everyday wearing that grey brim Mets hat or that new Cleveland hat you got.I would love to do all those things that you had planned out to do for over spring break and over the summer like you would tell me during gym,and i know if we do any of those things, you would be there doing it with us.I am so glad i meant you this year and i am so glad we got to do so much crazy shit together.I will never forget you and all the memories you and me had together.These are the things that i will always cherish the most<3.I miss you and I love you so much man,please watch over me and everyone else <3

    Joey J,
  15. For the Jacobson Family:

    “This is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendships to brighten your being, faith so that you can believe, confidence for when you doubt, courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth, Love to complete your life.”

    ELEANOR, Monroe,NY
  16. hey kambino<3!
    if only i could explain how much i miss you. i replay all our memories since sixth grade over and over again all day long. all the dumb things we did that made us laugh till we couldnt breath. you've changed my life so much, i wish you were still here to see what we've all become. i love you so much kam, i hope your having the best time up there. see you again one day<3

    Jordan Boston,
  17. hey kam, I just wanted to tell you how much i love and miss you. I would do anything just to see you again. I know your right behind all of us, giving us strength to keep moving. you will be in my heart forever and always<3 i remember the first time i met you, i was in a bad mood that day and you made it so much better, you always made my days better. i miss you screaming at me in the hall ways and making me laugh every time i saw you. the memories i had with you will stick with me forever, and i will always cherish them. you and your family are always in my prayers. i love you so so much kameron<3

  18. There’s nothing I don’t miss about you and i cant wait till the day i can have it all back. i know ill see you someday, even though it feels like forever, itll come. ill never forget one detail of our friendship ever, i love you kameron

  19. Hey Kam,
    Been thinking about you a lot. Starting my softball season really reminded me of you and the love you had for baseball. I know you will be watching over me this season and making sure I don’t get hurt. I’ll see you soon bud. I love you and miss you<3

  20. Hey kameron,
    this whole kam thing is put together so perfectly, its awesome. I honestly don’t even know what to say because you know everything at this point. You’re in my dreams, as well as you and your family are in my prayers. I have endless amounts of memories with you from “mememememe its just an a” to our 8 hour phone calls until 6 in the morning while you’d talk and i would make waffles. Those are just two of the thousands, and as stupid as they kinda sounds, its a lot to hold on to<3 i love you, so much and i hope you're happy Kameron i really do

    Kat Frey, Monroe/Woodbury,NY
  21. I never met you but feel that I knew you. You were the spitting image of your mother who is a great and loving person. I only wish that this could of been avoided. I am a teacher and I swear I will make sure (which I already do) that NO ONE gets bullied around me or in my classes. I make this promise to you KAM. May God hold you forever in his arms and comfort those who miss you so. God bless you Wanda my dear friend. I wish I could take the hurt away. The Lord said Vengence is mine!!!!!

    felicia villalona, WesleyChapel,FL
  22. it’s hard to rap my head around all of this. it’s weird not hearing you laugh, or seeing you smiling in the hallways. we all miss you so much. you made last year so much fun for me. you always made me feel better, and knew how to make me smile. what i would do to see you one last time.. you may be gone, but i will never, ever forget you. you have a special place in my heart that will be forever yours. God bless you and your family i love you Kameron<3

  23. kameron, i miss you so much words can’t describe. i know youre happy up there and you’re watching over all of us. every memory i have with you keeps replaying through my mind and i’d do anything to have you here again. i know you’re giving us all strength to get through this and keep moving through life. i cant wait till the day i can finally see you again, i love you so much <3

  24. My sweetittle cousin. You are so .missed by all of your family and loved by so many. I wish I would have spent more time hanging at the house with you. But the time we did spend I will cherish forever. Jaden always talks about playing video games with you last summer.
    I know your watching over all of us now and are so happy. Love you for always !!

    cousin lizette, WappingersFalls,NY
  25. I never personally knew Kameron, but i did know Keirsten while i was in high school and I’m deeply sorry for this family’s’ loss. This is such a beautiful organization, created in one of the toughest ways. Hopefully Kam’s message will reach all those who need to hear. Only the good die young, Rest in Peace Kameron

    anonymous, monroe
  26. Kameron,
    It’s almost been 2 months. Time is flying by without you here physically, but mentally you are here behind each and every one of us, guiding us and giving us strength. We really do need it. Words can’t even describe how much I miss you, and how much you meant to me, and still do. I will never, ever forget you and how amazing our friendship was. Can not wait to see you again kammy<3

    Kristin, Monroe,NY
  27. Kameron, you will forever remain in our hearts. There are many children who wait for you to bring joy back into their lives. You suffered for others to survive the treacherous battles of bullying. You are a warrior and your spirit lives on. Continue to fight and be who you always dreamed you would be. Your purpose in this life will live forever and your legacy will rise above the heavens. You shine your light for the child who sits in darkness. No fear Kameron will always be near!

    Gladys Mateo, CortlandtManor,NY
  28. hey kam,
    so its almost been two months. feels to me like it happend yesterday. i miss you so much! i keep writing that everywhere but i will say it over and over again because its so true! i know your watching over me and i hope you found the peace that you were looking for. all the memories that we’ve had have been playing over in my head over and over. you should be thanked for atleast one thing though. that one thing is the friendship that you gave me to have with you. im glad we became as close as we were for the time being that you were physically here. i know you’ll watch over all of us until we meet with you again. miss you so much. you will be in my heart forever. rest in peace kam, i love you so much<3

  29. Hey Kam,
    I wish I could have been able to talk to you more since high school started.. :/ we had some good times in middle school and I miss u man.. Cant wait to see u on the other side killa <3

    Anthony M, HighlandMills
  30. kameron. this past month and a half have been the hardest of my life. every moment of everyday your on my mind. the one question i keep asking myself but i know will never be answered is why? two days before you left us we were hanging out, you were rapping, making us all laugh, and doing stupid stuff like always. im so happy i got to be with you that night and i replay it in my head every night when im sleeping. i wish we could have made it happen one more time. you not being here has changed so many lives. i still dont believe this at all. when i go to gregs or when im with your friends it just feels like your grounded or on vacation. i really dont think ill ever be able too believe. i can not wait until the day we meet again. i miss you more then i can describe in words and i love you so much. your an amazing person kameron and i hope you never forget that. keep watching over us all, we need you as our angel. love you kam. rest in peace <3

    kayla minchin,
  31. Hey kam,
    I’ll start off with i love you. and i miss you so much. You know everything that has been going on in my life so there isn’t much to say. I wish i can rewind time and save you from this evil actions. You were a special kid. I miss being 8 years old again, and playing that ball game that we used to have so much fun with. And then right from that going to lunch, your table right next to mine and angela’s. Even being on the afterschool buses! I miss everything about you. God has taken you away from us for some special reason, maybe to show us lessons. I just wish he didn’t take you so soon. I love that you have been in my dreams, because thats where i know i am safe with you, and i get to see you again. You have left scars on many people, and touched many people’s hearts. I know you have touched mine, and there is always a space for you in mine. I am trying my hardest, at everything, all for you kam. Words cant describe what I feel inside. I know ill talk to you again in my dreams, so its never goodbye. I love& miss you so much, Arrivederci, or in other words: until we meet again<3

    Julia Campagna, monroe,ny
  32. Hey Kam,
    Whenever I would go over to your house to visit your sister it was always cool seeing you. I actually looked forward to it. You would always be playing COD and yelling at the TV hahah. I would go in there and watch you play sometimes and noticed I would never be on the same playing level as you. You were always funny. I remember when we went on that ride to the supposed “haunted hill” and Kier showed us the penis tree. That was a fun time. It was always good seeing you, always wacky and funny, and you reminded me of myself in that sense. You were a great kid Kam.

    Daniel F., AndersenAFB,Guam
  33. Kameron,
    You will never know how many people loved you, some of us without even knowing you personally. I am so sorry that you felt so much pain. As a mother, I am so sorry that we as parents, collectively, could not take that pain away. Your imprint on this world is felt in a different way now, and your family and friends will always ensure that this continues, and other kids can be helped through your own imprint. As you wrote on the back of the door, “VENI, VIDI, VICI” You came, you saw, and you conquered all of our hearts forever.

    Jennifer W, Monroe
  34. hey kam, i miss you bud. ive been thinking about you a lot lately. all those times at baseball, hangin out, not listening to a WORD coach told us. your dad is absolutely magnificent, and your whole family too. they, and you, will be in my heart and prayers forever. till we meet again, see ya later<3

  35. Whats up Kameron, things in monroe are boring without you around. All your boys miss you more than anything. Your jokes and the funny stuff you always did, are what made the times we shared, so much fun. I miss all the times I would walk into study hall and all id hear is…Oh iiiight kevv!! That class is what made my day, everyday. I know your leading me through this all and giving me strength because I know I wouldnt be getting through this without you looking over me. Im just glad to say, you were one of my bestfriends and I will never forget you brother, I love you Kam.

    Kev, highlandmills
  36. A parents worst nightmare, but like the phoenix from the ashes rises the new life!!

    yudy, ny,ny
  37. I truly, with all my heart, believe Kameron’s life here on Earth was for a reason. God does not take us before we have achieved our purpose here – and it’s not for us to understand. We must plow on – blindly -and try to make sense of something so nonsensical…..You will touch others and change lives – Stay the Course!!

    Mary, Centereach,NY
  38. Grief knits two hearts in closer bondss than happiness ever can &common suffering are far stronger links than common joys.. Kam your legacy will live on forever. I will speak of you to Ava and my new grandaughter always so they know what a beautiful soul you were inside and out.. Love you always

    carole dowd,
  39. A segment of a book I always loved
    ” To my dearest family some things i’d like to say, but first of all to let you know, That I arrived okay. I’m writing this from Heaven where I dwell with God above. Wheres theres no more tears or sadness, Just eternal Love. Please do not be unhappy, just because I’m out of sight, Remember that I am with you, Every morning, noon and night “

    Vincent Papka, LongIsland,NY
  40. Kam, I wake up every morning and I think about you and your parents and Kiersten and Kevin. It hits me first thing every day. You are missed, but you are never going to be forgotten. You will always be with us.

    Thank you for the wonderful summers – those memories will stay with me forever. How lucky were we to be able to spend family vacations together.

    I love you,

    Aunt Ginny, Holmdel
  41. I did not know Kameron, but I am a mother of 4 boys, and cannot imagine. I am so very sorry for your loss, may Kameron rest in peace, he looks and sounds like such a wonderful young man. I hope this site can help put an end to the cruelness of bullying. God Bless your family.

    Christine, Monroe,Ny
  42. Kam, i know we didn’t spend alot of time together towards the end, btu i do remember all of our memories and I always would think of you….. I miss you .. I loved you sooo much…. I know your in heaven smiling down…. I know God needs you up there.. I LOVE YOU KAM

    Makayla, Bronx,NY
  43. You were a blast on new year eve little man. It made my night having that much fun with you.

    Christian Meiley, HighlandMills
  44. el dolor mio es mas grande que los demas pues no tube la oprtunidad de conocerte de abrazarte como es devido de abuelo a nieto siempre sera un dolor perduradero para el resto de mi vida pero se que dios te tiene junto a mi hijo tito son muchos los dolores que por errores que no corregi no me bride la oportunidad de abrazarte lo que yo e llorado nadie lo podra comprender solo le pido a dios que te reciba en su ceno que yo se que lo que he podido saver de ti eras un nino super bueno que hacias a tus padres muy orgullozo de ti espero en dios que cuando se me llegue mi dia dios me perdone y me de la oprtunidad de conocerte y darte el abrazo que tanto anelo espero en dios que no kle cause molestia mi atrevetimiento de entrar a esta pagina le ruego a dios de todo corazon que le de fortaleza a tus padres que te extranan mucho al igual que al resto de familia y tus amistades adios mi angelito con lagrimas en los ojos tengo que decirte adios y que dios te bendiga

    antonio de jesus,
  45. I hope this foundation will help those to realize how far a few words can go. Although I did not know Kamden, I do know part of the family who love ,adore and miss him. I wish you strength in raising awareness and peace in your heart. You will truly be missed beautiful boy of only 14 years of age…~~~Revere Ave~~~

    Rosemarie Firriolo, Bronx,NY
  46. Kid Cudi posted this link, and I was very touched by Kameron’s story. Thank you so much for the awareness, we will keep spreading this. God Bless.

    Shy, Toledo,OH
  47. my heart is broken, i read the story and it actually scared me, because we had so so much in common, from music interrests, to movies, to hobbies, i even play softball, and im his age. i would have been his friend, i would have been there for him, if only i knew him, if only i had the chance to help him. this is so heartbreaking, and this is an amazing cause, i hope it gets far and changes, but more importantly, saves lives. my thoughts are with kam and the family<3

    julie, massachusetts
  48. RIP to Kameron. I know that he’s in a better place now free from the ugliness of this world and those people who taunted him. I wish the best of luck to Kameron’s family and friends and I’m sure you all miss him everyday. Thank you to Kid Cudi for sending this link through twitter and spreading awareness of bullying, and sharing this website that details his struggles and the beauty of his life. I’m going to post this website link on my social networking sites in hope that others will come and learn about the struggle this young man had with bullying and try to prevent further bullying and suicides. Thanks :) .

    Stacey, Florida
  49. Although I did not have the pleasure of meeting you, your father talked about you often and proudly when I worked with him. As parents, we can never repair the gaping hole left in our hearts-but we can manage the pain by helping others. Kameron, you are deeply missed and loved, even by those you’ve never met…

    Denise Day, California
  50. You are a common subject at the dinner table…My little brother loves to share stories about you, and talk about how funny you were. Kiersten always spoke so fond of you as well, it is evident that you were very loved, and are very missed. <3

    Mary Pavlu, Massachusetts
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