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  1. I dont know who Kam is but reading about him and reading the comments, I can tell he was and is a special person. I always knew bullying was a big deal, but Kam’s story makes me realize how bad it really is. Because of his story I will definitely be nice to everybody because you never know how bad words can hurt someone. Its so sad to see that this happened to someone so special. Thank you to Kid Cudi for posting this on twitter. I wish I could’ve met him because he sounds like an amazing person. Im so sorry for Kam’s family, but I’m glad that you’re helping the world with his story.

    Jennifer, Florida
  2. Hey Kam,
    I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be walking in your memory on April 2nd down here in Tennessee. It’s called “A Walk to Remember, A Run to Prevent”. It’s for a great cause and will help fund the crisis hot line here in Clarksville. Although I never had the chance to meet you, I know how special you are to Kier and your family and friends. You are truly missed, but don’t think for one second that you are forgotten. Please watch out for us up there.

    Caitlin, Tennessee
  3. I’d like to say something, but words escape me. There are tears in my eyes and overwhelming sadness in my heart that Kam is gone.

    Jerry Johns, Macon,GA
  4. I am a nyc school teacher and have always taken bullying as a serious offense. I will continue to defend children who are victims of these horrendous acts of violence, and will make a continuous effort to educate other teachers as well! Hopefully we can change the world and teach others to be kind!

    Lisa Iside, Brooklyn,NY
  5. I Knew The Jacobsen’s Growing Up,I Remember Going To Their House & Them Coming To Mine. Everytime I saw Kameron He Had A Smile On His Face Or Laughing About Something,He Was Always Fun To Be Around.When I Heard About What Happened My Heart Went Out To The Family.I Heard This Quote & I Thought Of The Family “The angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hand of God.”
    R.I.P Kameron

    Jasmine Mulligan-Scott, Newburgh,Ny
  6. Kam,
    I wish you could be here. You are making a huge impact on the world. I wish you would have seen how many people are here for you. Always thinkin about you kid, I love you.
    R.I.P. Kam

  7. El Kamaron (like grandma would say with her heavy Puerto Rican Spanish accent), you are greatly missed!

    I wish we had spent more time together but the times that we did see each other were great times. I remember a couple of years ago when Joel and I stayed with you and the family in Monroe I was so impressed by your intelligence and your kindness. You are special.

    I noticed grandma hasn’t posted anything yet, but let me tell you that besides your mom loving you so much that woman adores and loves you more than you will ever know. Grandma loved talking about you when she would visit me in Dallas and I enjoyed hearing those stories that made her smile.

    I love you. Please watch over all of us until the day we are reunited with you. God Bless.

    Nadia De La Rosa, Dallas,TX
  8. Dear Sweet Boy,
    It is very difficult to put into words how devastated your family is to have lost you, there are no words to describe the pain. I know you have found peace in God’s arms and that you are with your Grandparents and with your uncle who like you left us much too soon. We will forever carry you in our hearts. The hole in our hearts will never heal and the pain is unbearable. We will have to find some comfort in our precious memories of you. I remember when you were a little boy you liked to look up at the sky searching for the stars. Now you are one of those stars. I will ask one thing of you my sweet nephew, when I look up at the big Texas sky I will be looking for you. So please help me find you–shine a little brighter–twinkle–or glow a little stronger so I know which one is you. I will love you forever even with my broken heart.

    Olga De Jesus, Dallas,Texas
  9. hugs to you and your family…I was bullied from the age of 10 to about 17/18 years…my parents tried everything, to get it to stop…no teacher, principal, police would listen…how many times do we need to tell all of the above and others to STOP!!! It’s not funny, it HURTS…REALLY HURTS!!!
    my prayers are with you and hope that we may find some kind of message to those who do this awful thing to another human.

    antia lemmex,
  10. I’ll always remember the happy kid that I used to love watch playing basketball cramped in the Smith clove gym. I was in awe of you b/c my son Liam is small for his age. You gave me hope for him.. He is 10 now barely 55lbs & plays starting middle linebacker for his DIV 2 football team. The other coaches laugh when he attempts to step on the scale for weigh in. We laugh when he lays out their backs. Thank you for inspiring me to inspire him.
    Matthew misses you.
    With Love to your family & friends.

    Theresa Bullock, Monroe,NY
  11. I just came across this website and was totally moved by Kam’s story. I can truly sense how special Kam was — what a tragic and unnceccsary loss for us all. We all know children like Kam, and as a mother of 3, I can only hope we can all do our part to prevent this sadness from happening again. I will keep Kam in my thoughts and prayers. . .

    Kim Tortolani, Baltimore,MD
  12. We are writing as the occupational therapy class of 2014. Today in one of our classes we are participating in a bullying awareness workshop. We promise to take what we learn today and use it to educate others on the serious issues that bullying present and use this knowledge to confront any incidents of bullying that we see or hear about. This foundation is a inspiration to us all, and we appreciate and respect all that you are doing for kids around the nation who experience bullying everyday. Thank you.

    Misericordia University OT Program, Dallas,PA
  13. Dearest Kevin Sr and family
    Im a sobbing mess after reading about Kameron and your tragic loss.
    As the mother of a 7 year old son I cannot imagine how you would ever get over something like that but through this website you are making people aware of the effects of bullying and in some way trying to prevent another family experiencing a tragedy like Kamerons suffering and death.
    You will always be in my prayers Words cannot express the sadness I feel

    Nicole Morrison, VictoriaAustralia
  14. Hey Kam, you are inspiring and helping people from as far away as Australia! You know the family wishes we had you all to ourselves again and we miss you so much. But now you belong to the world and you are doing one heck of a job.

    You’ve changed everything. At least we know something good is coming from all this sadness.

    But, like I said, we just wish we had you here with us again.

    I love you.

    Aunt Ginny, Holmdel
  15. It always breaks my heart hearing about things like this. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain that everyone must be going through as a result of the immaturity and ignorance that goes on in schools. I too have been an eyewitness to the awful things that people can do and it must stop now. Hopefully the story of Kam, as well as all the others who suffered just like him, can help to open the eyes of the world. To Kam and his family, God bless you all. From what I’m seeing, he really is making a difference in the world.

    Aaron, NewYork
  16. kam, i didnt know you that well, but i know how much you meant to monroe, and let me say its been two months, and it still sucks here. no matter how hard we all try, we cant move on. some people think its easy and that we can just get over it, but we cant when a friend does this to himself. i hope your okay up there, kid. rip.<3

  17. Kameron i really don’t know how to start off other than, to quote you the last time we talked, “i love you man <3". I wasn't friends with you that long, We only started becoming friends in 7th grade, but still we share memories I will never have with anyone else. Do you remember that one time I biked to your house and we went pool hopping in our boxers during the day hahaha. Then you put that tree in the pool and used it as a raft. What about the time john skarkas popped your tire in the skatepark in smith clove and you had to walk all the way home hahaha. Do you remember the last time we talked, January 18,2011 at 12:19 . We talked about p90x and kid Cudi. Then you said I'll see you wednesday….I guess I'll be waiting for wednesday the rest of my life kid

    I love you man and I'm gonna miss our weekly deep bro talks and you

    Erik, monroeNY
  18. Kameron,
    We didn’t know each other, but I know a few of your closest friends. I just read all about you, and from what your father said, you had a beautiful soul. Reading about your life made me cry, even though we never met or spoke to each other. I honestly hope you have found yourself by now Kam, cause the people that loved you so much only want that for you. Your legacy is going to live on in their hearts forever, and you need to know that your life had an impact on thousands of people. You were important Kameron, and you still are. No one is going to forget you.. I won’t even forget you. I hope you’re smiling down on your friends and family every day and being an amazing guardian angel for them. If you’ve met Justin, then I hope you guys are friends up there. He was one of my good friends, and I hope he takes care of you, because I know he’s capable of it.
    You’ve impacted my life Kameron, and I’m truly sorry you had to go the way you did, but God has a plan for all of us. I wish you the best of luck in your after life, and I really hope you are where you need to be.

    Nicole, Monroe,NY
  19. I was so touched by this story and feel so strongly about this that I had my oldest son (10 yrs ) read the Meet Kameron bio. I wanted him to understand both sides. What the effects are of being bullied and what damaging effects you can have if you’re the bully. I cried when I talked to him about taking your own life. I cant imagine my world with out him. I worked with Kamerons brother Kevin. Kevin and family I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for taking a terrible tragedy and turning it into something positive to help save a child.

    samantha Beckett, Austin,TX
  20. Thank you for sharing this so that others can be helped.

    Mike, Minneapolis
  21. April 3 ~
    Today is your Birthday Kam. I want to wish you a Happy Birthday in Heaven, my sweet and beautiful boy.
    The day you were born, you lit up my life. You were my sunshine and forever you will be in my heart.
    I will be living with this terrible emptiness until we meet again.
    I love you forever, I like you for always.
    As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.
    I miss you so much Kam~
    I love you ~ Grandma

    Grandma, Monroe
  22. Happy B-Day Kam
    I wish i got to know you more. I feel bad that i didnt make more of an effort to be friends with my cuz. I remember when i met you when we were little. You were crazy then! In the 8 or so years since we last met, i still remember the crazy adventures we had, like crawling underneath the tables at a restaurant. I wish you were still here, but i know you’re having a great time up there. Goodbye Kam

    Andrew Rogan, PineBush,NY
  23. i didnt know kameron that well. but just thinking about losing someone close to me, i begin to feel your pain. i begin to feel as if i lost something that i never wanted to, especially at such an unexpected timing. i just want the family to know how many peoples prayers there in, and how many people that didnt even know kameron were still truly effected by this, and how much this wonderful foundation can save others as well. i just hope someday wed all get to know kameron better, and my heart goes to everyone in pain, ur all in my prayers. <3

  24. First of all, I want to thank your entire family for giving Kam such a happy life! From the pictures and the posts I could sense that his childhood was sunny and carefree and his youth was love-filled! Thanks! Thanks again!!
    However, words cannot express the excruciating sorrow that I experienced today when I turned on my TV and saw you all in the park celebrating Kam’s 15th birthday. I had heard the sad news earlier in the year. KAM foundation was mentioned and I decided to visit the site.
    When ‘Meeting Kam’, I was almost overcome with the pain of anguish and loss I vicariously felt on behalf of all who knew him. Even more so as a mother myself of three beautiful children, two boys and a girl, just like Kam’s family, the last child a boy, just like Kam’s family and the middle child a girl too, with a gap of nine years between my second and third children, and an incredible closeness between sister and baby bro just like your two. It brought the agony closer to home. A whole gamut of emotions ran through me and at the height of this pain, I sent up a desperate prayer for words to help and this is what I would like to say to you.
    WHEN THE NEED IS GREATEST, GOD’S HELP IS NEAREST! This is not just a promise to those who believe in God but truth! After rain comes sunshine and isn’t it always darkest before dawn? Observe around you and see that this is true.
    ‘For you, the only thing worse than losing Kam is not to have known him at all! ‘It is better to have loved and ‘lost’ this beautiful soul than never to have loved him at all!’ If your lives were (are) enhanced or enriched in any way at all for having had him in it even if for such a short time; if you would not take back any of it in order to avoid the pain of loss, then give thanks to Him Who permitted this. Give thanks to the Lord Almighty that you were privileged to have had Kam in your lives even if for such a short time. Out of all parents, families or friends in the world he lived amongst you as son and friend! Permit yourselves to truly celebrate his life. If you pray for the strength to enable you do this, you will surely receive it for never yet has it been that anyone who truly sought the Lord did not find Him.
    Grow spiritually from this experience so that his life would not have been in vain. This website is a step in the right direction.
    We who are in the portrait cannot see the whole painting but the Artist can. We do not know the whole story but the Storyteller does.
    Life does not end with the laying aside of this physical cloak. Your son still lives! And not just in the hearts and minds of those who love him or think of him, but he is really alive! After all death from this Place is but birth into another.
    It is not time that heals but the Grace of God through activity of the right kind.
    My prayer for Kam is that he awakens to joyful activity in the service of our Creator and that we all meet one day in the Eternal Luminous Abode of the Blessed Ones there to sorrow no more!
    I will like to end with this promise.

    Henrie, NY
  25. I was bullied as a child. Growing up in that situation was so difficult at times. I was able to work through it – I only wish for you and your family that Kam was able to. Angels are now protecting Kam under their wings. God is now using you to help other kids and parents learn how to prevent this from happening in the future. God Bless you and your family. See you someday, Kam. <3

    Chad, Pittsburgh,PA
  26. I hope you enjoyed all of your balloons on Sunday! It was absolutely beautiful & I am so grateful I could be apart of it. I know we never had more than a few short conversations, but I can honestly say that I miss you. Whenever I go over your house to hangout with Kiersten, or the new pup, riley, (who you would ADORE), the house feels empty. It’s so different not seeing you sitting in the kitchen on your Mac, or watching tv on the couch with Bailey. Continue to give your family & friends the strength they need. Keep an eye on us buddy. <3

    emuhlee, Monroe,NY
  27. It’s hard to put my feelings into words but i’d like to say i’m glad I got to meet you and how our moms are friends.I remember when we would play little league together.Everyone misses you.It’s hard not to think about you and all of this.You’re very missed.See you again one day<3

  28. I too am a NYC teacher and have seen and felt the pain that bullying can inflict, as well as the horrific outcome in which it sometimes results. I am terrified that one of my many nieces or nephews would ever choose such a path. Although I did not know Kam, I am sure that he was a light in the lives of all those he touched. Hopefully this touching and courageous project, put together by his grieving family, will ultimately help many kids and grownups to see the light as well.

    Perhaps they are not
    stars in the sky,
    but rather openings
    where our loved ones
    shine down
    to let us know they
    are happy.

    Edie, Brooklyn,NY
  29. There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone, the light remains.

    ellen Rogan, ThompsonRidge,NY
  30. Hello! I am a student @ the middle school and when I heard about this it touched my heart so much. I wanted to tell u my deepest sympathy and I will stand up for someone being bullied!!! </3 R.I.P kameron Jacobsen. I'm in 6th grade and my friends in kamerons grade and she cried to. :(

    Kira purcell, Monroe,NY
  31. Growing up I was always in school with Kameron we always had class party’s together (till I moved after third grade) because we shared the same birthday :) wow. It seems like forever ago. We acted like we hated each other, truth was I could ever hate that goofy kid:) I remember eating cupcakes and blowing out candles with him in Ms.Zuzaks class haha just like any little kids we had our nice moments. He never left my mind after I moved. I would always wonder who he turned out to be. A couple of weeks ago I learned about what happened to him, I cried for hours. No one should go through that. He was a great kid. Well now I have been telling everyone at my school and trying to educate them on cyber bulling. God Bless you guys for what you are doing here. You will always be in my family’s prayers.
    to Kamerons Family: Email me if you would like me to send you pictures from a long time ago :) haha I have many.

    Happy Belated Birthday Kam. You have been on my mind all week. I even Blew out an extra candle for you:)

    Christina Cruz, KyleTexas
  32. Dear Kameron,

    My name is Joshua K and I have been bullied for many of years, and sometimes still do. I understand how hurtful it is when kids in school bully you and how sad and alone we can feel. I am sorry that you had to go through this pain. My mom says that GOd does not like UGLY and I believe this too. Those people will get theirs.
    Rest in PEACE KAM.
    Joshua K

    Joshua K, NewYork
  33. dear family of kameron,
    im sorry for your loss. I am in middle school the same as your son was. from the pics on this amazing website i have to say our son is quite a cute guy. i owuld have loved to have known him and i would have loved to just be around him. rest in peace kameron .. i love you <3
    sincerely, Kate f 13 years old

  34. I don’t know what to say….I don’t know what to think… I too was bullied mercilessly, but in high school. This story…Kameron’s images….they are bringing up so much raw emotion and anger and even hatred for the unknown bully who did this to Kameron. I don’t know if this is the appropriate thing to say in this forum, but it’s what I’m feeling right now. Why is it that bullies get to be anonymous when their actions kill? Why is it that they are not prosecuted and put in jail? Why is it that those who caused them to become bullies (jerk parents usually) are not also thrown in jail for child abuse???

    I don’t even know this kid and yet it’s as if he were my own son. I am just shaking in sorrow and anger right now.

    I am so sorry you had to go through so much more than you could handle.


    Joe Vadis, Monticello,NY
  35. There is no greater selfless act than a family who shares their loss with others so that they may be spared a similar tragedy. Together we can defeat bullying in all its forms – our children are worth it. Humanity demands it.
    With love & respect, -Judge Tom.

    Tom Jacobs, FlagstaffAZ
  36. Its hard to find the words that express my heart. I stand in My Lord and faith. That I see you in your family and you live with Father God/Jesus in our home in heaven. But here on earth I see so much of who you are in the eyes of your family . Mom’s smile, your dads soft voice and your sisters humor and brothers creativeness. Never forgotten.. Your in the Lords hands. Our Lord will grant all of us who miss you sooooo. strenght to go on and know that we know we see you again up in our Fathers house .

    joanne, upstate,newyork
  37. My heart goes out Kameron and is family. God bless you for starting someting positive. this country is heading for a disaster if the bully culture persists. It’s society as whole that accepts and ecourages the bullying attitude and parents whoenable it for their kids. No wonder the US is considered a bully as a counrty around the world. Kids need to learn more civilized values, or I say it again, US future is bleak.

    Annie, SullivanCounty,NY
  38. Stars are not only for wishing upon..They’re also the windows of Heaven that allow our loved ones to watch over us. I know you are watching over your Dad, Mom, Kevin and Kiersten as well as all of the family who loved you dearly. Happy Easter in Heaven Kameron. Give Grandma and Grandpa J a hug from me..Love you Kiddo…
    Aunt Carole

    carole dowd,
  39. I am so sorry for your loss and can understand your pain. I was bullied in school – grade school and high school. i often thought that it would be better if I were not around. i now have an 11 yr old who gets bullied as well. i only hope that he has the strength to overcome this horrible time in his life. I could not imagine my life without him and i worry every day. thank you so much for sharing your story as I know that it will help others. I only hope the bullys would understand how their torment destroys lives. I am truly sorry.

    Ann, KellerTX
  40. I never met you but i heard from your cousin Alexi that you were a funny boy.

  41. I stumbled upon this page after going to a random tumblr site. I read all about his story and was heartbroken. At the same time, I realize how awesome of a person he was. I’ve been bullied before even though I’m 22 years old, and I know how terrible it can be. I am so sorry for your loss, but I know that you as a family will help others because of it.

    Ashley, Massachusetts
  42. I woke last night and began crying. I started to think about a young man I had never met who ended his own life. I didn’t know him but, I felt for him, his friends and family. The bullying has to end!

    Mrs. Capodiferro, Monroe,NY

  44. I just wanted to extend my condolences, I read about Kam on Pets Alive’s website & have spent the last 30 minutes learning about him…a boy with a gift, & depth. I hope the people who bullied him have changed forever into better people.

    Amanda, Brooklyn,NY
  45. It is the most sensitive souls who are most affected by our violence (physical and emotional) towards each other.

    I know we are a sadder, less complete world now that Kam is gone.

    Barbara, Dallas,Tx
  46. When I read these words by one of my favorite poets – I immediately felt that it was a message needed to be posted for KAM.

    “We all hear the same sounds. We look up and see the same sky. We cry the same tears. Our feelings and emotions are the same. All mothers are sisters. All fathers are brothers. All children are one.

    Yet there is hate. There is violence. There is intolerance. There is confusion among people. We don’t try hard enough to understand each other. We don’t seem to realize that we all have the same basic needs, no matter who we are or what part of the world we come from.

    We must understand the differences among us and celebrate the sameness. We must make the world a place where love and friendship dominate our hearts. Equality, respect, compassion and kindness must guide our actions. Only then will we all be able to peacefully and lovingly live the life we each choose” Susan Polis Schutz

    One moon, One sun, One world, One heart
    “We need to feel more
    to understand others
    We need to love more
    to be loved back
    We need to cry more
    to cleanse ourselves
    We need to laugh more
    To enjoy ourselves

    We need to be honest and fair
    When interacting with people
    We need to establish a strong ethical basis
    as a way of life
    We need to see more
    than our own fantasies
    We need to hear more
    and listen to the needs of others
    We need to give more
    and take less
    We need to share more
    And own less
    We need to realize the importance of the family
    as a backbone to stability
    We need to look more
    and realize that we are not so different from one another

    We need to create a world where
    we can trust one another
    We need to create a world where
    we can all peacefully live
    the life we choose

    We all cry the same tears
    tears of fright
    tears of sadness
    tears of loss
    tears of frustration
    tears of disappointment
    tears of loneliness
    Lands are flooded with our tears
    We need one another’s
    kindness, cooperation, trust and respect
    to survive

    We must talk
    until there are no more words
    We must explain
    until everything is understood
    We must be honest
    until nothing is hidden
    We must listen
    until everything has been said
    We must question
    so that we know why
    We must be fair
    so that everyone’s basic needs are met
    If there is no communication
    there will be no bond
    If there is no bond
    there will be no friendship”

    - Susan Polis Schutz

    Blue Mountain Arts grants you permission to reprint the Introduction and poem “One moon, One Sun, One World, One Heart” from ONE WORLD ONE HEART
    Excerpts from ONE WORLD, ONE HEART by Stephen Schutz and Susan Polis Schutz are reprinted by permission of Blue Mountain Arts, Inc. Copyright © 2001 by Stephen Schutz and Susan Polis Schutz. All rights reserved.

    Sue Koon, NewYork
  47. I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I miss you so much, I know we weren’t good friends but we talked a lot last year in social studies and math, and sometimes in math this year. I sit behind your seat in math now and i stare at it everyday and think of you. You and Dan honestly killed me last year in social studies with my powerpoint presentation which i didn’t show up to. Everyday when i was about to walk into class i was always like here we go time to get teased about not being at the presentation. I wasnt even in your group but you and dan being good friends and all ou helped him tease me everyday. I know i always said how annoying it was and how you guys were driving me absolutely crazy, but i honestly did find it funny. I know i always mention that when i write or talk about you but thats only because that’s really the only memory i have with you. I wish we had more but i will always have those days with me. I miss it now more then ever. I miss you and your great sense of humor. You always had everybody smiling and laughing, and i wish you were here to make us all smile and laugh again. Rest in peace Kam<3

  48. Reading about Kam reinforced why I continue to be a voice for those victims of bullying as part of my school’s program known as the Reducing Sexism and Violence Program (RSVP). My heart goes out to Kam’s friends and family and I hope that this site becomes known and embraced worldwide. Thank you for sharing Kam’s story.

    Jen Halstead, Maine
  49. hi kammy <3 ive been thinking about you alot lately and not so much crying anymore, more smiles because now im realizing thats what you would want. and i just keep thinking about all of the good times we have together and i promise ill never forget any of them. i still wish you were here but i know your so much happier in heaven. i love you so much<3

    kayla minchin, monroee
  50. Love you Jacobson’s – fighting this battle is hard – but its your mission and doing this in Kam’s memory ..prayers, love, hugs, and peace to you…we are here for you always. love, judy

    judy battista, warwick,ny
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