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  1. Hi Kam,
    I remember you in my advisory last year. I had a little crush on you..:) You used to peg the ball at me in mum ball and you would always apologize. I remember the good times:) Last year our advisor was handing out pictures and it was the same one of you that your dad posted on here. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Your eyes always had a warm welcoming to them and you were a person who I did not very well but I knew if I had a problem you would be there for me. I’ll meet you again someday. Rest In Peace<3

    Alanah Abrahams, MonroeNY
  2. I frankly have no words; just my simple gratitude for God loaning you to the earth for the short time you were here. Your footprint was great though.
    I know you’re watching over your family. For some reason I feel completely and unmistakenly confident in that.

    To your family: your work is seen, appreciated, and more importantly… it’s moving. Heavy on the love to every Jacobsen family member.

    Sheradan Magee, Boise,ID
  3. Dear KAM I am making waves at my school. I am sending your kindness above malice message throughout my building – with bulletin boards, conversation, and lots of information. My new Principal is awesome and wants to help get your message through to everyone. Lots of Love to the Jacobsen family… Love Sue

    Sue K, brooklyn
  4. I am so sorry for your family’s loss – this is something you learn to adapt to, but never fully get beyond.
    As the mother of a 6 year old, this is yet another reminder to me to be most mindful of her disposition, regardless of her school’s response.
    Even at this young age I have heard from her about “teasing” and witnessed it myself. My private comments have been poo pooed and dismissed.
    But isn’t this how bullying begins? At this young age when they tease, when they get away with it without a consequence? Aren’t we then teaching them that “it’s okay”, and because we teach them that “it’s okay”, don’t they then keep taking it to new levels?
    Too many suicides, too much loss, makes me wonder just how high the count will go before we begin stopping it when it begins – when they are very, very young…

    Arline Pelton, WestLongBranch,NJ
  5. What a wonderful young man. I grieve for your family, Kam. I think you’re just terrific and I mourn the loss to all of us that your short life has created. Thanks to your Dad for creating a call to action. It is the job of every human to lift each other up. Any action that gets in the way of that accomplishment is wrong, and should be seen as the threat to our community that it is.

    Laurie Strawn, SanFranciscoCA
  6. This site is a beautiful tribute to Kameron, and I will be sure to share it with others. Thank you for your strength and for being willing to share your family’s story.

    Erika, Schaumburg,IL
  7. Dear Kameron,

    I’m so sorry for what happened to you. I was bullied relentlessly from kindergarten until the day I graduated and I know how lost and hopeless it makes you feel. I wish I could have known you so that you could have had a friend. You are a beautiful boy, and nobody deserves what you’ve gone through. I hope I get to meet you someday when I make it to where you are. Rest in peace, sweetheart.


    Ruth, Canada
  8. i am so so sorry. I know what its like to lose a loved one far beyond their time. To tell you the truth, i didn’t really know bullying still existed. I thought people would have grown up and realized that people have feelings now, but i guess not. The world is frankly a horrible place. And im so sorry that Kameron had to experience that first hand, but he’s with the angels now, just waiting to see all of you again. Kameron, you are beautiful. I don’t know what anyone could possibly have against you, or why you were targeted the way you were, but you are amazing, and gorgeous, and if i would have been there with you, i would have kicked some major bully-ass :) See you someday. And to the family, i would donate if i could but i don’t have a credit card im only 15, but maybe ill steal my moms i don’t know. My condolences<3

    Shannon Carroll, UnitedStates
  9. I’m deeply sorry for this families loss. No child should have to endure being bullied. I know how hard it can be to just keep going everyday. I myself came very close to ending my life at a young age because of bullies and name calling. I cry every time I hear of a young child ending their life. I never know what to say to someone after a loss like this.

    James, Alabama
  10. Why would anyone bully him? He’s adorable and he seems so sweet! What a shame… RIP Kameron.

    Emily, US
  11. I am ver moved by the story and the pain that Kam and his family have gone through. As rightly said every life has purpose to fulfill.

    I wish strength to Kam’s family and may god be with you.

    Aditya, India
  12. I am very moved by the story and the pain that Kam and his family have gone through. As rightly said every life has purpose to fulfill.

    I wish strength to Kam’s family and may god be with you.

    Aditya, India
  13. OMG! Kam was such a beautiful young man. I’m so sorry you lost him at such a young age…..I’m so saddened by his story. I look at his pictures and he reminds me so much of my only son Ethan, who is going to be 9 on the 4th of July. A kind happy heart, supports the underdogs, and loves life in general. My son has been bullied at school a few times. I’m always unsure how to handle it. I talked to the teacher and confronted the parents about it when it when it did happen. Not really sure if I’m doing the right thing. I know sooner or later if it was to happen again, that he’s going to been on his own. I can’t always be there, and maybe won’t even know about it. We had him in Kung Fu for quite a while….to learn self defense and confidence.
    Kam-They were probably so jealous of you because you were so good look’in and had your head on straight. You cared about other people and had love in your heart. Those rotten bullies weren’t loved enough by their parents and they were miserable, so they wanted you to be miserable too. They will pay one day for what they caused, grant that. You won’t have to see them where you’re at right now. Believe me you’re in a much better place than they’ll be for eternity.
    I know I don’t know you, but I love you and your spirit…..

    Lauret Cwiek, RoyalOak,Michigan
  14. My heart felt heavy as I read about Kameron’s pain from bullying and the pain from such a devastating loss to his family. I teach adults about Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) law, including racial, sexual, etc. harassment. It is no more than teaching adults not to be bullies – it is teaching people how to be respectful of diversity in the workplace. Bullying comes from people who feel they can gain power over harassment.

    If we could get the message of RESPECT to every elementary school…we could stop this unacceptable behavior (at least some) before these chiildren grow up to become middle and high school bullies. I applaud how Kam’s family is taking that step.

    I will send my donation in today to help fund the battle. Thanks for being Change Agents. You have already made a difference. Continue the fight…

    Carol Dawson, Jeffersonville,Indiana
  15. Dear Kam,
    I want you to know that you are a beautiful person and your life has shown a light on all of us. My son when younger was bullied in school by one boy, he let it go until one day he put the kid in a headlock (like in wrestling) and the kid never bothered him again. As his parents we told him never to instigate or start anything but to always defend himself. I don’t go for the bullying and will try to support whatever I can to help eliminate it when I can. Life is way to short, I think it takes more energy to bully someone than it does to just be nice to someone and be a friend. You could end up friends for life. I’m glad I got to read your story, although it made me sad. May I meet you one day in God’s Kingdom.

    Misty, Lafayette,LA
  16. You are such a beautiful boy and I would have been so blessed to meet you and for my son to meet you…I think you would have been good buddies….your pictures remind me soooooo much of him and you smile is contagious…where ever you are I hope you are peaceful and happy.

    You were taken from our earth way too soon.

    Amanda, Brighton,Canada
  17. I am so sorry for the loss that the world received when we lost Kameron…. he is such a handsome boy, and he loved life and his siblingsand family, you can tell….. I can see sadness begin to creep in with some of the more recent photos, and you know there was such pain there from being alienated and bullied….. a bully is a coward, and usually wounded themselves, but it gives them no right to behave as so….. thank you for your beautiful life, and your memory will live on thanks to your family and friends. God bless you and your family, and I know you are looking down at us now. you will always be missed, and you will always be loved….

    Sheila VanGorder, Asheville,NC
  18. Kameron’s story will be shared at our state junior high leadership camp this summer following the showing of “Free to Be” which has been a tradition of our camp for over 30 years. It is hoped that Kameron’s story will motivate our middle level leaders to take the actions necessary to end all forms of bullying.

    Robert Hayes, TinleyPark,IL
  19. It is beautiful thing that you continue to celebrate Kameron’s life by sharing his story with us, and starting KAM.
    I have passed out your website to many and will share your story with my family this evening. Kameron has touched my life today, because of your willingness to share and I feel very blessed and my heart is wide open. Thank you <3

    Carrie Alavezos, NorthernCalifornia
  20. As a father of two, words can not describe. Thank you for sharing.

    Brian Gomez, MSW, Juneau,Alaska
  21. Dear KAM,

    I had tears in my eyes as I read the touching story of Kameron and looked through the beautiful family photos – he is so sweet. Thank you for sharing his story and taking the time to reach out to the public in order to fund programs to help kids that are silently suffering from the horrid problem of bullying amongst kids.

    I currently work with the federal government, and outside of work, I am Miss. Asian America Popularity and Scholastic Achievement. At work and through charity events, I talk about the importance of leadership, education, and mentoring. Suicide is serious and nothing to joke about. I would like to help you and your family in any way that I can through volunteering. I will share your story on my blog because bullying is a serious issue that needs to be stopped and be recognized by everyone.

    I appreciate you and your family for sharing his story even though it’s so painful. Please let me know if you need any help from the west coast – I’ll be here.


    Angellica Yi, SanFrancisco,CA
  22. Kam,
    I didn’t know you but I can feel your beautiful soul through your smiling pictures, Reading your story has brought me to tears. It is just not fair. Please, rest in peace, sweet baby boy. You are in God’s arms now.

    Jen Ohren, Florida
  23. Wish I knew what happen. As a mother of one that is a shy child and a target for teasing, I wish I knew what to say. No relatives nearby, no sister or brother to help her and she makes me promise not to go to school and talk to the teachers. Even one teacher has pinpointed her at one time till she cried in front of the class. I wish I didn’t have to work so hard to make ends meet and could always be there. Why do kids have to be so cruel, why don’t they stand up for one another? Kids don’t realize how much hurt that produce by being so negative. Not one person on this earth is perfect. Stand up for each other don’t leave someone out, is that too much to ask?

    ELane, NewYork
  24. I’ve just read your story Kameron as was so eloquently written by your father. It is a reminder to me of how important my life’s work is. You will not be forgotten. In my work I will share you, your story and your courage in life not death with those with whom my path crosses. Thank you Kameron, beautiful soul for crossing my path.

    Kae S. Roberts, Ottawa,Ontario,Canada
  25. I can here through Ellen DeGeneres’ post about Marlo Thomas’ article. I am moved beyond words. For this family to take something so horrible and turn it into something so very positive is truly inspirational.
    As the mother of three young boys (who have unfortunately had their own run-ins with bullies), I will never understand the cruelty. What happened to kindness? To compassion? To love?
    Know this though, Jacobsen family – your boy’s story has touched my heart and I will share this with my family, friends and colleagues. Much love to you.

    Jennifer Rogers, PortHope,Ontario
  26. I am 25 a mother of two children. I was a victim of bullying. I had a very difficult time and I can’t imagine how it was for Kam. I worry about my kids when they start school. My son already had problems in preschool with the kids calling him names. the teacher said it was positive peer pressure. I told her I dont see how letting the kids pick on him is positive. Know I am praying for your family.

    Charmei, lima,ohio
  27. Thank you for sharing your son’s story. What a wonderful thing it is that you are doing to help prevent another family from having to endure the tragedy that you have. Kam sounds like a wonderful person- clearly raised by loving parents. I hope that you are able to find some degree of peace through your work with Kam’s foundation. THANK YOU!

    Lauren, Downingtown,PA
  28. To see with the eyes of another,
    To hear with the ears of another,
    To feel with the heart of another.
    - Alfred Adler

    My son is 13 years old & I can’t imagine losing him. My heart goes out for Kameron & it’s unimaginable to let this happen to another child. I will carry your message to my son’s school.

    Linda Simmons, Bloomington,Ilinois
  29. As a mom, I sit and watch my 8 yr old daughter as she has cried and told me of the bullying she has endured at the hands of her class mates. We live in a small town and one would think that would be a benifit to getting it stopped quickly. But what once began when she got severely sick in kindergarden and continued now through third grade, just continues. It seems that no matter who I go to, it is allowed. This year alone was she threatened by her teacher, who should protect her, and told that if she “taddled” more she would get detention every time. I have supported her and am doing what I can but as she sat one day and told me that she feels that “no one loves me and no one cares.” My heart just broke. I am not able to move from our home at this time, and things have resorted to the bullier (who lives behind us) shooting BB guns toward our yard as she plays outside. I have spoken to her parents, called the cops, and am not sure what I can do. I know that she is beautiful just as Kam was and every life is precious. This should not happen to anyone. This summer we are going to have a lemonade sale in hopes of spreading awareness and I will continue to do what ever I can. Thank you so much for being willing to invite us all into such a private and personal area of your lives. Your love provides strength us the rest of us at the times when we feel we have hit an end. Again thank you, Kam will always be in our hearts.

    Ravon Geiger, Filer,Idaho
  30. This is such a sad, sad story. I have a four year old son, and this is an all too real fear of mine. Kameron was a beautiful boy, with a warm, touching smile. However, the fact that so many people are commenting on his looks-which he had, I am not taking this away in the least-bothers me a bit, for what of the ones being bullied that do not look so handsome as Kameron? It still is not right to bully a person, no matter what they look like–ever. I am truly sorry for the loss this wonderful family has had to endure, and may you all be reunited one day. To the father–you are doing a wonderful job, and you and Kameron will make a difference one day, as you discussed once before. Best of luck to you all–

    Claire, NewOrleans,LA
  31. Wow, such a sad story. My deepest sympathies for Kam’s family and friends. Kudos to Kam’s parents for taking action. My daughter is almost 3 and will start school in the fall. We teach her to be kind to others and I have now learned the signs to look for if she is a target. Thank you for sharing your story. I am going to share this with all of my friends. May peace be with you all.

    Lindsay, Canton,MI
  32. NO ONE deserves what Kameron endured! I lost a brother to suicide at the age of 19. He was constantly bullied because he was different, and it wasn’t just kids doing the bullying. Adults can be equally as cruel and there are many adult bullies in this world, unfortunately. PLEASE parents, teach your kids not to bully other kids because they are different or don’t fight back. It’s unacceptable no matter who the bully is, and why they are bullying in the first place. How many kids must we lose before it stops? My brother committed suicide almost 30 years ago, and the bullying still it goes on…… No one can hurt you anymore, Kameron. Peace, Kam, peace.

    Sue, Wisconsin
  33. May your passing serve to save lives. Your dad is a bigger man than I, because nothing but accountability and revenge would drive my every day. How lucky the world is to have people who pursue the positive, empowering side.

    May your Dad’s message reach the millions and even billions they need to, and we anticipate helping him with this effort over the coming months and beyond.

    Rest in peace, young man, if there is a place for such rest

    Lee Nidor,
  34. I want to say that you are a very strong person in heart and mind to survive this tragedy and to pass his story along so that everyone can be aware of the awful things that can take place when we are not there. We all need to come together and make a stand and teach all of our children that it is ok to be whoever u want to be and not have to fear for the consequences. God bless your family and friends in this time of mourning and may your words and your sons story travel all over the country to help save the lives of others! Im sure your son was an amazing young man and i pray he is an inspiration to us all.

    samantha, westvirginia
  35. My heart is aching for your whole family and for all the people who will never get to meet your son. I will be passing his story onto everyone I know in the hope that they will pass it onto everyone they know too. It’s time for this bullying to stop. I have 3 grandsons and two granddaughters, and I will surely be watching them closely and teaching them how to cope with bullies. Thank you for sharing Kam’s story with the world.

    Carol daSilva, Oakland,CA
  36. The world changes as each life is lost. Natural deaths are easier on the world, but tragic deaths have an effect on us all. The loss of such a young spirit, who I am sure was the light of his family, is painful for us all.

    I never knew this young man, but I know what kind of impact young lives have on us. I work with teenagers, and they are a blessing to us all. They are our future, in all respects. We must love them, protect them, make them not only BE safe, but FEEL safe.

    Thanks to this foundation for trying so hard to win this battle against bullying. From San Diego, CA…

    Don Mitchell, SanDiego,CA
  37. I am a mother of two and my heart broke as I recognized them in the photos of Kameron. Thank you for being strong enough to share your story. I am so painfully sorry for your loss….and for his.

    Michelle Millard-Kish, Seattle,WA
  38. From Ellen Degeneres’ tweet to Marlo Thomas’ article, I am grateful that I clicked on the link to “Kindness Above Malice.” I am speechless. Truly speechless. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for writing to Marlo Thomas that day on Facebook.

    P. Xiong, Midwest,USA
  39. dear Kam,
    i don’t know you. i wish i couldve had the chance too though. i am 14 too and i know how painful it is to deal with bullying every day. i wouldnt wish this kind of pain on even my worst enemies. it literally sickens me when i hear about such awful people doing that to someone like you. you deserve a better life, you were obviously an amazing person. i hope those kids who bullied you one day feel the pain that you went through. i know that me writing the note wont make a difference, that it wont change anything, but atleast your family (and hopefully you if you’re watching over) know that me and thousands others would’ve stood up for you. people tend to be blind until something shocking ‘brings them to life’. someone at school shouldve helped you, maybe kicked those bullies where it counts. even though you were only alive for 14 years, around 5300 days, 127200 hours, you’ve changed billions of lives. they say it takes a minute to find a special person, and hour to appreciate them but a lifetime to forget them. thats you. nobody could ever forget your beautiful smile, your kindness, every single laugh and every brilliant thought that entered your mind. you are unforgettable. please know that you have fullfilled you and your fathers dreams. you have changed peoples lives. i only wish that someday i will meet someone as amazing as you and when my time is done, i will hopefully be given the gift of meeting you.
    thank you, Kam.

    Haley, canada
  40. Such an inspiration. I hope that your story spreads like wildfire and saves the lives of many troubled te

    Kara Fowler, MS
  41. Sorry!… *teens around the world. Good luck.

    Kara Fowler, MS
  42. Bullying is so prevalent throughout all aspects of our lives. It starts with us as parents, teaching our children by example. If we bully, then they bully. I have been bullied just as much during my adult life as I was as a child. I have taught my children to be tolerant of differences in others. I try to teach them that anyone that bullies them is a very UNHAPPY person, that acts out their unhappiness and anger on others. The BULLY is to be pitied and not hated. I cry inside for each of the emotional wounds that are inflicted upon my children, as I try to help them conquer the feelings of inadequacy that a bully gives them. No matter what the schools “do” to the bullies as a consequence, they never stop. The episodes escalate relentlessly. We as the parents need to do more! If your child is a bully, do something about it! Don’t let your child be the one to cause another child to feel such despair that they end their life! The Jacobsen’s and countless other families, should never have had to go through the torment of losing their child because of someone else’s bad attitude! We are ALL God’s children, and are all equal in his eyes.

    Marilyn Correa, Corvallis,OR
  43. I am at a loss for words, truly.
    I got to this site by way of several links on bullying. It does not really comfort me or put my heart at ease. But it does give me hope. I am mother to Emma, only 3 and half. The only thing I truly wish is for her to be a good person. Today, more than ever.
    I will spread the word about this website.
    And know, Kam and parents, that you are in my prayers.
    Much Love


    Susana Maria Menezes, London,England
  44. First, I would like to thank your parents for being willing to share their deep pain in order to hopefully make a difference in other places. Next, I would like to say that I wish we had known you — there are kids that are different than the ones you were stuck being around and they would have loved a chance to be your friend and to have you as their friend also. I am going to pass this site on to my daughter’s junior high and my son’s grade school and your message will live on. Peace and blessings to all your family.

    Jennifer Czwodzinski, Illinois
  45. I agree with all those who have said Kameron is a beautiful soul and you are doing a great job to bring light to the terrible problem of bullying. It would seem now that we know how painful it is for people it would be getting better, but it seems the world is a meaner and meaner place. Thank you for this work you are doing, and God bless Kameron and your family. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    Barbara Hyman, losangeles
  46. Thankyou for sharing your story, this website is an amazing tribute to your son. As parents we know that our children come into this world with a purpose, Kam ‘s was to teach. I am the mother of 2 daughters 10 and 6. My oldest has already had problems with bullies, we dealt with it the way the school expects. I have explained to my daughters that being kind to others is the most important thing, and talking and asking questions and to not be afraid to come forward to someone they trust. Everyday I ask how was your day, what did you do today and who did you play with. Sometimes those answers change and then we talk more. Thank you for sharing your story and your son’s legacy. I truly believe that parents need to be more aware, involved and honest about their children actions
    so this horrible pattern of violence stops.

    Karen Adams, Ontario,Canada
  47. There was a boy who was filled with woe
    A boy that many people never got to know.
    He is now an angel way above
    Filling the air with all his love.
    He uses his wings to soar through the air
    A boy; a heart of gold who has so much care.

    This is dedicated to Kameron Jacobsen.

    Michele Rosow, Brooklyn,N.Y.
  48. When I was in 5th or 6th grade, I and several other girls bullied one of our classmates. Luckily, my mother and hers stepped in and immediately it stopped. I went to school the next day and was friendly to the girl, pretending nothing had happened, and everyone else followed suit. This was back in the 1960′s, before internet, etc. Bullying consisted of teasing and ostracizing on the playground. Now, as adults, I’ve talked about it with the girl we bullied, and she feels she brought it on herself by being a “crybaby.” It seems that kids perceive weakness or a characteristic that’s different in someone, and a mentality kicks in that they have to band together to show they’re better than others. As for myself, I cannot explain why I did this. I was not a mean child. It’s almost as if I was experimenting with leadership and strength in a misdirected way. Thank god this is an isolated incident in my own life and I proved to be a compassionate and kind person. We MUST be vigilant with our children. Even those “nice” kids can get caught up in mean behavior, especially when in groups.
    I am so very sorry that Kam was robbed of his life by bullying, and I hope that the bullies have learned from this and will work extra hard to generate kindness and understanding throughout the world the rest of their lives.

    Lukie, Chicago,IL
  49. as a veteran teacher one thing we did was implement morning meetings passing a stuffed animal giving each student an opportunity to compliment another student in helping in some way to make the classroom a better place, they too were able to air grievances if anyone hurt them in some bulling fashion… we ended our session each time with solutions to stop hurtful actions through the action of group hugs….
    it is truly about love respect and recognition for all of us my heart weighs heavy …however, I have forwarded this site on to parents teachers and my own family members to include our soon to be 20 year old…

    May the peace of God rule in all of our hearts and bow our heads to Kameron as he was the chosen one to grab our attention for us all to stand up and do whatever you can to protect all of our young ,and to forward love,kindness and safety to all…

    cind va.

    cid, scottsville,va
  50. Hey Kameron,

    I just want you to know that, just like your dad knew during your conversation about the near future, you have made a huge positive change to the world. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to meet you since we are now separated by more than just the Atlantic Ocean, but I, a 17 year old student from Germany, feel very deeply affected by you and every other bullied victim.

    People need to make a stand, people need to put a stop to this. How incredibly sad is it that Ireland will never have the joy to have had you visit it, Godfather will never have been watched by you. Everybody has a purpose in life, and sadly, you didn’t get the chance to show the world what you’re capable of achieving during it. However, the shortness of your life and the sorrow of your death definitely changed the world for the better.

    I know I will continue to spread the word and join you in fighting this devastating war against bullying. Your legacy shall now be known internationally.

    I never met you, yet I miss you.


    Julian, Bavaria,Germany
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