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  1. God bless you for your loss and your gift of Kam’s story. I hope every parent, student and individual reading your words will introduce this website to their schools, churches and workplaces. While schools and youth probably represent the most dangerous environment for victims of bullies, bullies appear everywhere, at any age, within families, workplaces, and most group settings. The kindness and integrity Kam showed, especially in standing up for others, is what we all need to model for one another. God bless your family.

    Cheryl Clements, WestVirginia
  2. Marlo Thomas’ recent article led me to this site. Thank you, so much, for sharing your story and using your sadness for kindness.

    Emlia, SanDiego
  3. Marlo Thomas’ recent article led me to this site. Thank you, so much, for sharing your story and using your sadness for kindness.

    Emilia, SanDiego
  4. There but for the grace, go many of us…

    My heart bleeds for Kam, and his family, and if just one person either stops being the bully, or one little soul decides against taking the ultimate way out, then perhaps his leaving won’t be entirely in vain…

    Peace be on you all -


    Paulie, Seattle,Washington
  5. My heart filled sympathy to you for this uncontrollable issue we have with children. It is parents who are teaching our children to be mean to the other children and to judge them. Nobody has the right to judge anyone else UNLESS they have walked in their shoes and exprienced evertying the other person did. We are all raised differently and many of us have had trauma with others being mean and using words to hurt other. Please be kind as you never know when it will be your turn to hear negative, unwanted thoughts about you from somebody else. Peace.

    Susan, NewJersey
  6. Upon hearing about the death of Kameron and the other teens being bullied, I created an It Gets Better video where the characters speak the names of the teens who teens who committed suicide. Kameron is one of those teens. I know these teens are at peace, but the price they had to pay to get there is far too much!

    It is everyone’s duty to speak up about bullying. Because silence means acceptance and bullying is unacceptable!

    Tameko Miller, SanDiego
  7. Taken too soon
    Not soon forgotten
    The Lord hath brought him home
    Find peace in the strength of the Lord.

    Blessings to you and your family.

    Kate, Oregon
  8. What a sweet and beautiful boy. I’m so sorry for your loss. I saw your story through Marlo Thomas’ site. God bless you and your family, and may your memories of your amazing son bring you some comfort.

    Erinn, LosAngeles
  9. As a third grade teacher in a Catholic School, I saw first hand how cruel even 8 yr olds can be! I urge all Teacher to be vigilant in protecting their students by getting parents involved early when a student is a bully or being bullied!
    I pray no other parent will feel the sadness Kam’s family is enduring! May God Bless our children!

    Mary Ellen, Salisbury,MD
  10. My thoughts and prayers go out to this family. Its such a waste of a beautiful life, all because someone wanted to be mean. I have the same issue going on with my grand-daughter being bullied. I am trying to instill in her, that not all people are bullies and to overlook that flaw the bully has. God loves them too, they just don’t know it.
    Kam’s legacy will reach out and touch many lifes, its just a shame that it took his life to do it.
    God has a bud amongst the full blooms in heaven now, and his spirit will continue to flourish amongst those here on earth. I will be honored to meet him when my time comes, because I know that I will be among the elite!

    PW, Mesquite,Texas
  11. Kameron; I was sad to read your story. I am 49 years old and was a victim of bullying that began in 7th grade and continued thru my senior year of high school. I still remember the shame of walking around the lunchroom with my tray and upon approaching each table being told “You can’t sit here” with their noses schrunched up as if I smelled. I would finally take my tray out into the hall to sit alone. This is just one of many instances I endured for 6 years. I am just beginning in these last few years to realize the depth of what happened to me. I thought I was so alone, I never told anyone, and I am sure that is how you felt. If there is anyone reading this now, please know that it does end. Life goes on, popularity and the cruelty of your immature peers will end and you will go on to live your life, to create your life, if you will. You will slowly leave it all behind. So take heart. Having said that, I realize that I put it all behind me almost too well for 30 years. It is now surfacing. If you are a victim of this, please seek counseling and help to get thru it so that you can have healthy relationships with trust and so that you can have a healthy self-esteem and raise confident children so that bullying does not claim another generation.

    Linda, NortheastMichigan
  12. Somehow, I feel robbed of a gift that I never got the chance to have. I believe that bullying starts off verbally and then advances to physical bullying. The latest stage that bullying should be addressed is the verbal stage. My son, being the one of the shortest in his class, had to quickly learn what to say to deter bullies from trying to use him as a target. If bullying is allowed or undetected past this stage, it will get violent. We must detect the potential to bully in our own angels. It’s ok to let a child feel short term guilt for a wrong action-this lets them know they have done something unacceptable, otherwise we are inadvertently raising tomorrow’s no-conscience, cold blooded murderers. If a child is saying mean things and being disrespectful at home, there’s a good chance that they are giving someone hell at school. Like one of the other posts, my child was also told that they were tattling too much. I did 2 things: I reminded the teacher that I was doing a favor by having my child report to her instead of fighting in class. Then I went to the priincipal and reported her. However, since I love children and intend to open a school soon, this is one of my central themes: no bullying allowed under any circumstances with teachers specifically trained to handle this prevelent issue. Kameron, I want you to know that I simply can’t forget your story and will use it to show others why bullying is very wrong. So, although I would have loved for you to have your life and enjoy it, take comfort in knowing that your life’s story will save countless innocent children from being bullied. On their behalf, I thank you Kameron.

    Rashida, UnitedStates
  13. My heart goes out to your family. My son is 14 and has been repeatedly teased, ostracized and bullied. Even worse, earlier this year his pain was so great that he started to bully another student. Thank God, I was told about it and we stepped up our intervention that we had already started through counseling and social skills training. Schools and parents need to be taught to pick up on these problems when kids are still young. I wish you godspeed in your generous efforts.

    Carol, Orlando,FL
  14. Such an amazing young man . You have had to endure things that you never should have. May your legacy spread like wildfire giving other kids hope and helping to PUT A STOP TO BULLYING . God be with the family and friends.

    Donna, Ontario,Canada
  15. I was very moved by the story of Kam’s life. My deepest condolences go out to his family. As a school teacher, I promise to do everything in my power to stop bullying when I see it and to educate my students about the wrongness and the dangerous consequences of bullying. Thank you for setting up this website so that Kam’s story can be shared with others.

    Roger Poulier, Singapore
  16. blessings to all, highly vulnerable souls often suffer torment, abuse, and persecutions. sadistic people seem to sense vulnerable ones out by instinct, and enjoy causing distress in the vulnerable ones. it’s so painful.

    wise spiritual teachers have said bless persecutors with all your love and do strong good to overcome evil. This doesn’t mean back down or allow torment, it means good is more deadly to bullies than bullying is to victims.
    standing up for oneself is part of this, having friends come to assist and protect is vital too, we stand together and can beat back the bullies.
    even the big banks will crumble fast if the people stopped supporting them. the meek may yet inherit the earth.. a flash mob of eternal peace arising from that destiny, our future when we finally bring light into these dark zones of inhumanity..

    joseph cecil smith, sacramento,ca
  17. if schools developed voluntary anti-bully student groups, with ticket-writing authority, these inside agents seeking out and ticketing bullies. tickets are honor-tickets, publically viewed by non-govt, no criminal authority. but the mere act of empowering student-anti-bully groups, seeking out and ticketing bullies.. this will shock the system.
    anti-bullies are required to hold a very high moral standard and not to use their ticket-power to harass or bully or harm any innocent students… the goal is ticket the bullies into realizing they are harming society.
    empower kids into bully groups.. any kid bullied activates group by sounding alarm in any online or other forum. flash mobs of anti bully activists form to protect that kid.
    this will work, make it stronger by evolving the idea.
    thanks for all who care enough to safeguard anyone victimized by bullies.

    joseph cecil smith, sacramento,ca
  18. once you have anti-bully groups, enlist prominent local citizens into your group.
    any kids bullied trigger flash mob of peaceful witness and protection
    stand with each other, ticket the bullies via civil pressures.
    NBA stars will join the anti-bully groups.
    anti-bullies can be awarded serious privileges by local and regional civil society entities like NBA NFL NBL etc. tap and harness the high honor and highest ethical standards: antibullies are the ultimate cops, no force, only morality but honored by broader more wise civilization to seek out bullies in our teen-zones, and ticket them publically, and honor the values we need to instill.
    awarding honor, and ticketing to cite publically. enlist power into the antibully groups and ask civic leaders to bestow high honors to these antibullying efforts.
    we do not need new laws, we need strong acts of goodness, lovingkindness, high honor will light and lift, this is more powerful, honoring is more powerful than threatening the bullies from their tormenting methods.. elevating the antibulliess, and prosecuting bullies in the highest ethical manner, zero violence against bullies, only deeply honorable efforts to ticket them into wisdom.
    pushing them higher.
    awards and rewards bestowed by civic leaders, prominent figures.
    for example: private sports camp conducted by nba stars for a weekend.. free tickets to anti bully leaders.. they give those tickets out to most meritorious kids.. chain that into the highest ethical conduct.. it’s a free but infinitely valuable non-criminal but changes behavior via positive attracting high honor out of kids.
    yes we can solve these problems.

    joseph cecil smith, sacramento,ca
  19. I am Bill, 85 years old, with two grandson living with autism. My concern is I will not be here to help them through their teen years. So I applaud you who are willing to look at this disease of bullying and choke it out. Sadly the roots are not in those that bully but in the adults in their lives, we see them on tv, internet, in the adult gathering places, such as sports events. It is an adult disease one that can be stopped in its tracks if we show love to one another, every other. Peace.

    Bill Thomas, Orlando,Florida
  20. I am so sorry for your loss! I wanted to say that I am very impressed by your courage and strength.
    Just thinking about what he had suffered and what you suffer now, it is just heartbreaking. I wish you well on your journey to fight bullying, intollerance and hatred. I will do my part in Vienna, and hope it makes a difference.
    All the best,

    Jeta, Vienna,Austria
  21. I linked to your page through Marlo Thomas’s “Free to Be… Not Anymore” article, and after reading Kameron’s story, was touched by how young he was and yet felt like he didn’t have any other option but to end his life. It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was a teenager, yet things are so much worse these days, and kids don’t seem to get the power they have to make an impact on another human being. I’m glad you are using Kameron’s legacy to encourage others to have their impact be a *positive* one instead, so that no other families may have to suffer the same loss you all have gone through.

    Corrie, Denver,CO
  22. kam. i miss you. things dont get any better, i miss you more and more everyday. please cone to my party, please. <3 miss you booo :/ i hope your having fun with the angels and having an amazing time. goodnight kammy

    kayla minchinn, mdubb.
  23. It’s 07.54am here, and i couldn’t sleep. So i was just surfing the net and god knows how, but i came across this story. So i researched a little more to find out about his life and his ‘story’. And i think it’s eveident that he has a fantastic family and group of friends. I lost a friend from suicide when we we’re 12. It was the single, most hardest thing i’ve ever had to go through in my life. I commend you for all being so strong, and i have a message for his family and friends; There is sadly, nothing we can say or do to somebody who has lost a loved one in such awful circumstances, especially when they were just a baby. And no matter how hard it gets, you stick by eachother. You’ll experience things that will test your physical and mental being to the maximum. But you get through it, eventually. Never give up. Please. It sounds cliche, but it is the best advice i can give you, to never give up. You will learn so much from this. I’m not going to lie and say it gets easier, because truth is, it doesnt always. You just learn to not hear their voice, or not get a text from them, and most painfully, not see their face every single day. But you can still feel them with you. As i’m sure Kam is with you. 24/7. I am sure he is so proud to see everybody pulling together and creating such a beautiful tribute under such sad circumstances. He was a beautiful boy, lucky to have such amazing people in his life and you are all so lucky to have known him. Keep smiling. Always. If you ever have the time, i wrote something, as a little bit of hope for people going through a rough time, if you want to read it, here is the link, http://popp-photography.deviantart.com/journal/21179229/#comments
    The grammar is a little off, so appologies.

    Remember, never give up.


    Poppy-Florence, Kent,UK
  24. As the Mother of a 13 Year Old Son who suicided for the same reason 13 Years ago my Heart truly goes out to you, remember they are never gone but always in our hearts and Memories the hurt will never leave but will soften over time and their beautiful spirits live on.

    Jacki, Australia
  25. This is such a heart wrenching event to happen, my thoughts and blessings go out to your family and I admire your strength and determination to conquer this horrid torment that people inflict on others. Kam you are such a beautiful boy inside and out from how your family describe you this world needs more of people like you not less. I am so sorry you were put through so much pain I can only hope you are content in yourself now your life will not be in vain sweet one, I will pray for you and your family. Walk in peace and know how much good you brought the world and know you are so much loved by your family and whoevers else heart you touched x

    Meg, Gloucestershire,UnitedKingdom
  26. His story is horrific, but he sounded like a beautiful boy, one I only wish to have met. I’m sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you. I found this through his sisters blog, where she wrote such a gorgeous piece on him, which has touched many.

    Florence, London,UK
  27. This is such a sad story, but inspiring at the same time. My blessings to your family.
    I have to say that I admire you, you are such strong persons.
    He touched my heart.

    Antonella Rodriguez, Argentina
  28. Kam – You must be so proud of your beautiful compassionate sister, as she strived greatly to complete 18 long miles of walking to represent her love and devotion to you. I stood there in a crowd of people watching as Kiersten made it to mile marker 4. She sweetly acknowledged my presense and strived forward to complete her 18 mile goal. With her adorable smile and sense of accomplishment at the finish line, I felt her love and affection for her little brother. God Bless your wonderful family. Love, Sue

    Sue Koon, Brooklyn,N.Y.
  29. i have been substitute teaching and i watch these young people closely. i give words of encouragement at every possible moment to young people when i see that there’s even a question of their worth. they know me now, and remarkably, the kids ask for me as a substitute (bizarre). it’s not me though, it’s them who shine, i just point it out. i will do more, somehow to give kids the knowledge that they matter, that they are an incredible gift…thank you for the honor to write and be a part of kameron’s legacy.
    chris, 41

    christian, newyork
  30. i have been substitute teaching and i watch these young people closely. i give words of encouragement at every possible moment to young people when i see that there’s even a question of their worth. they know me now, and remarkably, the kids ask for me as a substitute (bizarre). it’s not me though, it’s them who shine, i just point it out. i will do more, somehow to give kids the knowledge that they matter, that they are an incredible gift…thank you for the honor to write and be a part of kameron’s legacy.
    christian, 41

    christian, newyork
  31. kameron, everytime i listen to kid cudi you automatically pop up in my mind. i miss you so much kid. i wish you were here to help us all get through all the tough things happening. i wish you were strong enough to get through them while you were here. i hope your happy. i miss you so much. i will never forget January 16th. best night of my life baby boy. miss you more then anything. i love you. goodnight my angel <3

    kayla minchin, monroee
  32. I read the story of his suicide when it happened- I cried even though I didn’t know him. I cried because this is a horrible tragedy that didn’t need to happen. How does anyone live with themselves knowing they are responsible for his death. I hope the future looks brighter for so many of our vulnerable youth. There is help out there – get help. You deserve to live a long happy life and make everybody elses live better.

    Brian Madden, Bushkill,PA
  33. I first want to say I am sorry for your loss. I know how hard this has to be on you and his friends. I lost one of my best friends to suicide because of bullying and it was so hard I just could not believe it. I am sorry for you loss I hope the word gets out enough and people start doing something when they are being told about bullying.
    Never give up.

    laura harper, Michigan
  34. kam, you always brought a smile to my face when i would see you in the hallway i miss talking to you everyday and seeing you with your big backpack<3 your locker was right next to my brothers and i would always go just to see you, there isnt a day that im not thinking about you. you were a great kid and you will forever be in my heart i love you kid<3

    Kerry, HighlandMills
  35. I don’t really knows what a should writes here.. than Words alone cannot convey the suffering. Words alone can not prevent what happened here from happening again… Kameron you will be missed every day and nobody who visited this or read some lines in a blog will forget you! I don’t meet you personally… I see this page and feel me guilty… because i have nothing do to save you an all other victims of bullying. I’m so sorry… For Family and Friends i wish strength to stay ever day without… time will not ease this kind of pain… I remember one of my Friends told me a few day before his leave this world forever: life with, not in the memory.

    Simon Bozeman, NewBerlin
  36. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story & blessings to your family & foundation! May everyone who comes to this site be touched to make a change! It starts with you!

    Ylcania, PembrokePines,Florida


    Jimmy, MonroeNY
  38. Kameron, i know i didnt really know you, but i know exactly what you went through, you are dearly loved by everyone who knew you. I too, as well as Nick, were victims of bullying, as a teen I was abused mentally and physically. I remember going to your wake, and seeing you lie there, and your mother sobbing, “no parent should have to bury their child” and it just plays over and over in my head. There were a ton of people that went to the high school to remember you, and everything you have accomplished. I didnt get to go, but I do know your best man “Kris” gave a speech. For some reason you have been on my mind a lot lately, and I cant seem to find a reason why. My heart goes out to your family, and Nick and I send our prayers, thoughts, and love. Rest in peace Kam, xoxo. Kindness Above Malice!

    Merry F, ohio
  39. Right now I am watching a movie on tv called “CyberBully” and it’s heart breaking to watch. As a teacher I am making it a point to educate kids on bullying just as much as I try to educate them about any other school subject. Kameron and your family are always in my prayers <3

    Julie Gennaro

    Julie, Monroe,NY
  40. Hi Kameron-

    I never met you, but I learned about your legacy through Twitter when Kid Cudi retweeted a link to your website. Since that day, I have thought about you on a daily basis. I work on a television show in LA where cyber bullying has been a reoccurring topic on our show. For some reason, you have stayed in my mind. I am working on developing an organization that partners with celebrities to bring national awareness to causes that would benefit from the national media attention. I want this to be different than other organizations in the way that money isn’t what we are looking for to fund this mission…I want people to be effected by this movement and in turn, have it change their daily lives. The idea for this organization sparked after I discovered your website. I am making this my mission for this to be a successful project. I hope one day to meet your family and ask them to be involved in this project. Even though we never had a chance to meet, I hope that you are looking down and will see “Down for the Cause” become a successful project one day.

    Rest in Peace Kam


    Erica Lake, LosAngeles
  41. <3 <3..missing your wonderful smile..

    Aunt Carole

    carole, n.j
  42. Its heartbreaking to know that Kameron was just the same age as me when he tragically died. It disgusts me that there are people who live to make life unbearable for others. I wish his family all but the best. God bless what you are all doing. I wish you all the best. Kameron would be proud of you guys. An incredible life, gone to soon. I really loved learning about him and also finding we both liked the Zac Brown Band.

    Naun Umanzor, Brentwood,NY
  43. It sounds as if Kameron was a person to aspire to be like. He sounds like he was a well rounded person, and it is quite obvious that he has made a difference in this world. Being able to learn about his life, cut short by bullying, was very much enriching. I, myself, am known to be an anti-bullying advocate, and I am happy to work with those others who are fighting the same fight. I would love to volunteer my time, but unfortunately have a lot of other things on my plate at this time. Keep on the great work, this website is simply amazing, as is the work that the foundation does.

    Erika, Canada
  44. I read Kam’s story and it touched my heart. I too was bullied in 7th grade but I was fortunate to tell my Dad who pulled me from my despair and I was able to stand against the bullies, but it really hurts. In one day I lost everyone I thought was my friend. I am a 43 year old adult now and I still carry around the pain at times that I am not good enough. Reading Kam’s story, brought tears to my eyes knowing that children can be so cruel to one another. I am a mother of two boys and as they grow I too am concerned about their socialization. I pray that many people will become involved in helping this organization so that his story will help many others who feel the pain Kam felt. God bless you!

    Franka Baly, Houston,TX
  45. my condolanses on your loss i was bullied to a large degree in jr high though i never killed my self i know the pain he felt and the sorrow your family has gone through.i encourage youth bthat are bullies and bthere victims to attend a challenge day in there comunity

    george lang, UnitedStates
  46. Thank-you! I was bullied my entire school life but when I got to highschool, I was specifically targeted by one hateful girl & at 16, after almost 3 years of dealing with her bullying online, in school & outside of school (she would literally sit across from my house & watch my place for hours everyday almost) I couldn’t take it anymore & I tried to kill myself…Bullying is something that CAN damage people to the point where they don’t want to be alive anymore, I know from personal experiance. It MUST be stopped.

    Ally, Canada
  47. I make sure all your posts go on my facebook… Amazing work, I am so sorry for all those who stood on the sideline, I raise my boys to be upstanders.. Bullying can be like the dinosaurs and be extinct.. So sorry for you loss, but way to make a legacy, and spark change from your pain…

    Carrie Huber, Texas
  48. Our favorite baseball team has come together to raise awareness against bullying..I am so proud of them and hope that their message gets across to kids and adults so no other family goes through the pain we have..love and miss you kiddo

    carole, n.j
  49. I’m so sorry for your loss. I have a nine year old son that just recently went thru bullying in his school. I tried all I could with the school but sadly felt they didn’t take the situation seriously. My son started saying he had a stomach pain before school and it even got to the point where I was being called from the nurses office everyday. The principal and I quote said (it was just a child being a child) I put it in the hands of the school system, which I feel failed me. So I decided to take him out and put him in a private school. Although financially it is very difficult for me. I find the peace of mind and happiness in my sons face is priceless and as I read about your beautiful boy. I am so glad I made that move. May god bless you and your family. I’m so sorry..

    brenda, NewYork
  50. God Bless your family. What a beautiful boy Kam was. I held my breath through the tough Middle School and High school years with my son. He kept a lot of things to himself. He is interracial in a very non diverse town. I know there were many references to this as he grew up. But here he is a grown man engaged to be married and owning his own business, when so many of the bullies are still struggling to get their lives together.

    I thank God every day that he made it through those years. I don’t know why he made it and others don’t but the only answer is that they need to take bullying more seriously in school and realize that there may even be teachers who are bullies as I was unfortunately made aware of in my son’s school career.

    Good luck with your good works.

    Alexandra, Cornwall,NY
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