Why help?

Kindness Above Malice – KAM – was set up to not only to memorialize Kameron Jacobsen, but to help other students who may be silently experiencing the pain Kameron felt.

When you donate to KAM your donations will go to a variety of youth programs within the school districts of Kameron’s family members:

  • PROGRAMS – such as community based mentoring, which will contribute to personal growth and development to build self esteem in today’s youth.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS – awarded to students who have demonstrated a commitment to bring awareness of anti-bullying to their school. Also to students who have earned recognition from their peers, teachers and community leaders.
  • FILM – Kameron loved film and the Kindness Above Malice foundation believes that it is a solid, effective medium to communicate Kameron’s and the foundation’s messages to an entire community.

Ideally, Kameron’s family would like to just start here and eventually take Kameron’s story and help kids throughout the country. With your help, they can do just that.